3D-Coat: retopology of head

5개월 전

Two days I struggle to make a retopology of a head. I have remade it two or three times because of some mistake when part of surface in "Symmetry" made have disappeared. I don't like retopology. =) And 3D-Coat. =)

For a second time head was made better, but I don't understand how to make ear. It too small, and the head hamper me.

not so well made surface but it's my only second try. The ear is awful but I'll fix it tomorrow.

In my instructional video their model is much simpler: Groot have no ears and no nose.

I was too lazy to make Groot (I don't need him at all) so I took a soldier from standard zBrush models. I need some humanoid to make rig in Unreal.

But I think I still need to understand how to retopology a human's head.
And not just a head.

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...Опять куда-то пропал... Доделал хоть солдата-то?


Нет. С Битриксом ковыряюсь. Скачал книжку - пытаюсь вникнуть.