My Photo Boards - Cape Chestnut Flowers


My Photo Boards-Cape Chestnut Flowers.

One of my creative interests is, preparing weathered MDF boards by giving them a light coat of colour, sanding the edges and random areas through the middle and then I mount three different original photos of the same flower in the centre of the board. I fade the edges of the photographs during the editing stage to give them a shabby chic look, which also compliments the finished board.

This Photo Board Features the beautiful Cape Chestnut Flowers.
These small to medium evergreen trees are characterized by their smooth grey bark and their spotted pink flowers which bloom from November to December in Australia. Despite its name they are not related to chestnuts (Castanea) even horse chestnuts (Aesculus) as they belong to the citrus family of plants. Not that they have the typical citrus appearance either.

These trees can reach up to 20 metres in forests but when cultivated they generally grow up to 10 metres. Their grey trunks are smooth, and their ovate leaves measure approximately 22cm x 10 cm. Their large flowers form an attractive pink canopy and are produced in terminal panicles.

Cape Chestnut derived its name from the explorer, William Burchell as he saw a resemblance to the horse chestnut particularly with the flowers and fruits. Oil is obtained from the seeds and is known as Yangu Oil. This is very popular in Africa as a skin care product. It provides beneficial ultraviolet protection and has a high essential fatty acid content. Cape Chestnut also contains antioxidants and its soft fragrance is a feature in natural cosmetics.

Birds and monkey eat the seeds and these plants prefer rich, moist, well-drained soils. They can tolerate frosts and do well in some coastal areas once they are well established. Cape Chestnuts make wonderful specimen trees, but planted in groups, they produce a dramatic and effective windbreak. Their attractive dome shaped canopies provide dense shade in the summer.



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