Back in the day - part 1. "True Story"

4개월 전

When I was young around the age of 7, my 2 sisters and I shared a bedroom, one was 8 years of age and the baby was 2.
As little kids, we used to always get on our oldest brother nerves, who was 13 at the time, well, one night we kept messing with him, every time he told us to leave him alone, we did the opposite, so he told us something that just didn't make any sense to us.
It was so strange because, he said he was going to tell his brother, now when he said that, my older sister and I was confused, so we told him, if it's your brother, he's our brother too, needless to say, we stop taunting him, but now we were confused by his statement.
So throughout the night we did what kids did, eat, bathe, play and watch television.

  • to be continued tomorrow -
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ooh wow.. I have goosebumps!