Back in the day - part 2. "True Story"

4개월 전

Darkness approach and it's time for us to go to bed, as we kneel down on our knees to say the prayer to God, that was taught to us by our parents, well, mother that is, the baby girl and I get into the bottom bunk, and my older sister climb the ladder to the top.
Now, we didn't go to sleep immediately, we had to talk and laugh, like little kids do, but eventually we did drift on to sleep. I can't remember how long we were asleep, to me, it felt like hours.
All I can remember is hearing this whimpering sound in my bed, at first I thought it was a dream, but it didn't stop, so I then thought maybe baby girl fell out of the bed.
So I woke up in a panic just to find our older sister in the bed with us under the covers whimpering.
It was bright in our room, so i just thought she turned the lights on because she had a bad dream, you see, I was still trying to get my bearings together, so I ask her what was wrong?, she pointed het finger towards the bedroom door , afraid to come out from under the covers whispering look.
As I turned towards the door, startled by what I was seeing, I ran my hand across my eyes ad if to wipe the sleep away, there in our bedroom stood this tall man with bright stars around him...

  • to be continued tomorrow -
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