Back in the day - the finale " True Story"

4개월 전

And he looked exactly like my brother but much older, you could imagine the fear that consumed my body. Have you ever experienced a situation where you try to scream, but you can't?, now I understood the fear that captured my sister.
Although I was scared to the point of hiding under the cover also, I was curious, and let me explain why, this much older good looking figure with all these bright stars around him was smiling, as if to say I am not here to hurt you.
So, I didn't want to remember this by myself, I wanted my sister's to share this with me so when I try to explain this to my parents in the morning.
When I pulled the covers off of them, I noticed my older sister had pissed in our bed, I didn't feel it because of the fear. She tried to keep the cover over her head, and after a few tug of was, I was finally able to get her to take noticed.
She held on to us tightly while I convinced her to open her eyes and look at him carefully, baby girl was looking also, although she didn't understand what was going on. I ask my sister, do you think bro is going to look like this when he is grown?, then I said he's smiling at us, he don't want to hurt us.
It seem as if he was nodding his head in agreement with what I said, so as a young kid, I ask the question that I thought needed an answer to, I ask it or him, are you our big brother too?, it smiled and just disappeared.
We looked at one another not knowing what to do or say, but we knew we had to take the wet sheet off the bed, we all slept together that night, baby girl was sleep, but I know it took my older sister and I a while to drift off, constantly glancing at the door to see if it was coming back.
We never told our parents because she was so scared that she just wanted to act like it never happened. We never taunted our brother again unless he wanted to be bother with us. To this day I never question him about it, me and baby girl talk about it every now and then.
My brother grew up looking exactly as we seen that night, he's very handsome man, he is an good husband and father, and a good uncle to all of his nephews and nieces, but most of all he's a great big brother.
When I think back on that event, I can't help but wonder was that his guardian angel.

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