How do I convert my potential clients into actual clients?

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As for the issue of marketing as a popular concept, it is a process that takes great care of reaching customers and motivating them to take the initiative to buy a particular product or obtain a particular service in one way or another. In this regard, the process of promotion and marketing takes care of two aspects mainly, and these aspects are simply: new customers who do not know anything about our product or project yet, and customers we deal with during the current period and seek to maintain them and update them with the new in our plan.


With that contribution, I'm touching on the first type of customer, the so-called potential customer, the kind that a project's promotional plan begins with because no one knows anything about the project, so project marketers seek to target groups of customers who They may pay attention to the product or service provided. With the continuous progress of the project, and no matter how large, expanding and spreading the project, the organizers are always striving to attract more potential customers.

Who are (potential customers - LEADS)?
Within this, we define these target customers as a group of customers who do not know anything about our project, our product, or the services we provide. However, some of them may be our customers in the future, because they have certain interests, behaviors or circumstances that make them need the product or service. That class of users is what we call potential customers.

In their marketing plans, projects depend on deriving the most important behaviors and possibilities available to detect potential customers in order to target them. For example, my work as a marketing content writer makes it necessary to study the range of clients I target before I start writing about the topic or product itself, as this brings me closer to potential clients.

In your opinion, how does this type turn into actual customers?
As part of my marketing in general, I would like to discuss your opinion on how to convert potential customers into actual customers and consumers within my project cycle. If you have previous experiences successfully converting potential customers into actual consumers of your products, or if you have any suggestions in this regard, please share them by contributing.

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