Top tips to be a social person and get rid of shyness

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A social person has many distinctive qualities that are not available in the shy and introverted person, as he has distinctive charisma, the ability to dialogue and smooth discussion, in addition to his ability to form constructive relationships and solid friendships with all the people around him. You have to stick to it to be a social person and let go of shyness.


First: The most important reasons that lead to a person becoming shy
The cause of shyness may be due to hereditary factors, such as if one of the fathers or grandparents possessed this trait.
The nature of the human brain, his mind, his way of thinking, and his outlook on life.
Human growth in unhealthy environmental and social conditions, such as being exposed to difficult and cruel education that prevent him from expressing his opinion and thinking properly.
During pregnancy, the mother is exposed to some psychological disorders that negatively affect the safety of the nervous and mental development of the fetus.
Parents' exaggerated fear of their child, and not allowing him to act freely or do his own affairs on his own.
Parents exaggerate pampering of their child.
Parents threatening their child, and raising him in an atmosphere charged with terror.
Man suffers from some physical disabilities.
Second: Symptoms of social shyness
Behavioral symptoms such as:
Refuse to talk to or meet with strangers.
Not looking into the eyes of the person talking to him, and directing the gaze to anything else.
Feeling hesitant and fearful when doing any joint work with others.
Fear of attending any social event.
Feeling very upset when asked to speak or express an opinion on any topic.
Physical symptoms such as:
Feeling of stomach pain, and an increase in the number of heartbeats.
Excessive sweating, especially in the area of ​​the hands.
Feeling of dry mouth and the desire to drink water.
Unintended body shaking.

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