"You are a material person"

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Some people's lack of self-awareness and intellectual schizophrenia make me laugh. You find them accusing others of materialism and claiming that they are more "spiritual" and all that neuroscientists say is Marxist thought unless it confirms their superficial and vulgar ideas but they act exactly as science says.

He tells you that happiness comes from within and is a purely spiritual phenomenon, throwing all the neuroscience research on the brain's reward system into the dustbin that says that positive emotions are the equivalent of doing something considered beneficial.

We all agree that consciousness is a mysterious phenomenon that has baffled scientists and philosophers, and there are even neuroscientists at prestigious universities who say that they do not believe that it emanates from matter and that there is a "soul" associated with it. But materialistic human nature remains the same, and you remain a materialistic, selfish person, and that selfishness is essential to your survival and healthy if not excessive.

Let me ask you, why do you participate in recruitment competitions? Having a job means that you will deprive someone else of it. In fact, everyone who took part in the competition thought they were more deserving of the job (healthy narcissism), not just you.

I care more about spirituality and not a materialistic person because "Habibi" is not rich.

Why not direct that love to you great persons? Why one person of the opposite sex? Ah I remembered, it's not platonic love and it can't be. Your brain rewards you with these emotions and feelings in order to spread your genes, and this is what made them survive and multiply.

Is the mother's love for her son material? It certainly cannot be.

But why does every mother love her son more than other children? Is he the best kid in the world? Or is it because he carries her genes, as Richard Dawkins discovered? Because the stepmother treats her biological children better and this is what the statistics prove.

If your son needs to have an expensive surgery, you will definitely use your savings, borrow for it and even sell your property.

But what if someone else needs it that you don't know? Will you do the same? Are you going to sell your car for this? Why buy a car in the first place when you can donate that money to someone who needs surgery (I know a woman who needs it but her kids don't yet have enough money) Plus, I heard you can save a child's life in Africa for $200, you can literally save someone's life but you're selfish And like the rest of us.

The brain rewards you for exploration with dopamine, so you use your electronic devices for hours every day. (These are not secrets, my father has known this for decades, my neighbor since the 90s and I have been a teenager and have tried more drugs than they have)

Try to cut off the electricity to your house/apartment for two weeks and we will see if your “spirituality” will compensate for the boredom that afflicts you, and here we did not start talking about performing military service, prison or solitary confinement, which will drive you to hallucinations and madness and cause permanent damage to brain cells.

When I find a person who donates all his money to save the lives of others and does not meet his psychological needs that are controlled by matter in the brain, then I only lie to science and believe what he says.

(The lady mentioned above looks like the skeleton of illness, who wants to donate from the mystics enemies of dialectical materialism let me know)

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