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The Tron Fan Club community allows some specific topics. Tron and Tron blockchain based activities are the main focus here. However, there are a number of topics that can be written here like Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, NFT, DeFi, Smart Contract, Blockchain Games, Other Games, DApp and Trading. A community can grow with the quality content of its members. Hope this community will move forward with good content that will make people aware of the Tron blockchain. This effort can be a part of improving the Tron blockchain.

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Every week, the best posts of the week are featured. In its continuation, I am featuring 3 three posts on Tron, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, DeFi, Smart Contract and Trading from last week. Basically, this selection is my personal judgement. Some posts may be before or after the mentioned time because I schedule the week based on my curation which is slightly different from the time of post publish. However, all the posts come under consideration within a certain period of time.

Featured Posts

Following 3 are the most featured posts last week on the topic of Tron, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, DApp, DeFi, Smart Contract and Trading.

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First Featured Post


TitleExploring Tron Blockchain And Benefits To The Crypto Ecosystem
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Topic of the PostYou know about the TRON blockchain and its features. If we want to know more about a blockchain we should compare it with other popular blockchain so that we can easily understand what's the advantageous features of that blockchain. Here in this post, the features of Tron blockchain has been explained in simple words which is very much understandable to all and in the same time, the features of Tron blockchain has been compared with the popular Ethereum network. By going through this post, anyone can understand basics of Tron blockchain along with its advantages compared to ETH blockchain in terms of gas free.

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Second Featured Post


TitleUSDD Is Live On Both Tron & Binance Smart Chain - A Stablecoins Pool With 34.07% APY
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Topic of the PostWe know about the concept of stable coin. USDT is one of the popular stable coin and the most common feature of stable coin is its price will be stable. When the price will go down anyone can send the token to get the exact similar amount of USD from the network. That's why, stable coin is popular and people would like to hold stable coin as its price will be stable in the long run. We came to know from Justin sun tweet about USDD stable coin. In this post, some information on USDD and its feature with Tron network has been explained so nicely that's why I am featuring this post in this week. You can find some USDD related information there.

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Third Featured Post


TitleTRX Friday Initiative : Staked 150 TRX and Voted SRs by using a Total of 350 Tron Power
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Topic of the PostThe most popular initiative in our community is tronics Friday initiative where it is asked to stake trx every Friday and our members are joining in the initiative spontaneously that is so good for the community as we are focusing on Tron lovers. So, I am featuring one of the ports from this initiative and this week I am featuring this post because it was the topmost featuring post of the week with 150 trx stake and won the contest as well. So I am featuring this post as the topmost post from the initiative participations.

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My Previous Featured Posts

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1010/04/22-16/04/22kawsar swaylee fasoniyaLink1 Link2 Link3
1117/04/22-23/04/22swaylee sikakon faisalaminLink1 Link2 Link3
1224/04/22-30/04/22weasell moneyster kawsar8035Link1 Link2 Link3

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