When Why and How to Create Support Ticket

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When you work in any community, it is very important to know & understand the rules very well. In life, we also have to manage our activities within a number of rules. We try to get someone to help us when we don't understand the rules.

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Those who are working in this community can share any kind of problem or question with us. In that case, our community admins and moderators will try to clarify you on that.

Those who work in this TronFanClub community must join our Discord server. You can continue your normal activities on the server and along with that you can create a support ticket if you facing any problem or interested to know any rules here.

Let's take a look at when, why and how to create support tickets in the Tron Fan Club community.~~


When you are facing trouble understanding a topic or you have a specific question, then you should create support ticket. Some of you send DM to admin & moderators. In fact, we absolutely dislike DM. So, be sure to let us know any problems and inquiries through support tickets only.


Since this is a community on technical subject, someone may not have a clear idea of the topic & rules here. If you want to know something that is not discussed in the general rules, you can create a support ticket. After creating a support ticket, you will try to mention specific moderators for the relevant topics.

About gaming: @labib2000
About NFT & Digital Art: @sagor1233
All other matters: @veigo and @engrsayful

Besides, You can also discuss any topic with any available community moderator.

How to create a support ticket:

Step 01

This is a very simple process. You can see a channel named Get Help on Discord Server of Tron Fan Club community. Click on this channel.


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Step 02

Click on the Create Ticket icon. Then a ticket will be created below Get help Channel.


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Step 03

Now in the ticket discuss your issues. When it is done, you can close the ticket by clicking closeicon.


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Step 04

By clicking close, you will find three options like below. Use transcript option to make a copy of the summary of support ticket. Delete option is to close the ticket. Open option is to talk more on this topic which means reopen.


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No DM, only Support Ticket

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Click to Join our Discord Server

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awesome,, that's a very good idea. and so much helpful for us🖤

Very nice medium, you can know the way to solve all the problems through support ticket. I really like this medium.

This post helped me while creating a support ticket. Thanks.
I already created one

Wow, thanks so much for this explanation and useful information as well. We would make good use of it in the feature when necessary.

This is a very good initiative. I know it's okay. I respect your initiative. Respected moderators.


Ya. We prefer support ticket, No DM

Many have come up with a beautiful solution. Hopefully the support ticket will be useful for everyone. Everyone will be able to get a solution with the help of support ticket in case of any problem. Thank you so much for sharing.


Ya. We are here to response

well explained.
We only allow Support Tickets. We discourage everyone who want to send DM. So, our only slogan is No DM, only Support Ticket. 😍😍

Have a great post about why support tickets and support ticket making.

You have explained in a very beautiful way. I hope everyone will be able to tell you their own problems in an easy way.

Very useful information for me, thanks for sharing @engrsayful

These tickets will help a lot of newcomers to solve their issues. Great step towards solving problems of incoming members


Ya. Exactly. That why support ticket for. Thanks

That you share with us is like one kind of observance. We would rather creat support ticket than DM. Thanks for sharing the helping post with us. Stay well, may allah bless you💗

This post has been very well explained