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Hello, my favorite Tron Fan Club all art lovers,

I Hope everybody is well. I am also well with your prayers and God's infinite mercy. Today I am back to you with my NFT art blog. My art today is this art with all my good friends. We all have a Best Friend in our lives, who is always by our side in the danger or happiness of a friend. We all know the name Best Friend. My art today is art painting with two school life friends. Hope my Tron ​​fan club friend will like this art

My Final art -Best Friend forever:💻🎨


About My Digital Best Friend forever Picture : 💻🎨



A best friend always listens to your mind and understands you when you are silent due to angle sadness. If you have good friends, they will always give you the right advice and guide you to the right path! Best friends are like your most secure locker, where all your privacy is kept. One reason to be happy is that you have some real friends. It is not like to end by describing a good friend.friends are not just about having fun or chatting. Friends are about being happy with each other, standing by each other's sorrows, and becoming partners on the road to fulfilling each other's dreams. The place of friends in life comes right after the family. It is not possible to say exactly how important friends are in our lives.

The meaning of friends

F=First for me
R=Ready for me
I=Inspires me
E=Enjoys life with me
N=Never forget me
D= If you are dear


About My Digital Art -Best Friend forever Processes:-💻🎨
  1. Friends, I do this art with AutoCAD software. AutoCAD uses a variety of tools, such as -Line, Polyline, Erek, Spline, and Circle.
  1. I use Adobe Photoshop CS5 just for coloring and background. Paint with Adobe Photoshop and enhance the image.
My Digital Art-Best Friend forever processes:-1💻🎨


At the beginning of the art I lined up to express a street scene then I started lining up art to paint a picture of two people.

My Digital Art -Best Friend forever Processes:-2💻🎨


This time I started making pictures of two girls and started doing art in stages. In Art I have two mayors rear-facing art images because I saw their scenes on the way.


My Digital Art- Best Friend forever Processes:-3💻🎨


I started doing a lot of art with the photo art of the girls. From head hair to head hats, clothing, neck bags, handbag lights, and much more. I highlighted in Art.


My Digital Art- Best Friend forever Processes:-4💻🎨


I continue to do art step by step from the picture and line up step by step to highlight the art I see.


My Digital Art- Best Friend forever Processes:-5💻🎨


I did fine lines in each part of my art and my goal was to express the art in each part, so I took a long time to do art, it took me about 4 hours and 23 minutes to do this art. I can then publish the final art in a PDF.

The process of coloring my digital art:-Best Friend forever 💻🎨


I always took the pdf file to Photoshop and make a jpg file for coloring. After that, I started painting the picture in Photoshop.

The color process of my digital art- Best Friend forever Processes:💻🎨
Color process-1Color process-2


I started coloring with the jpg file. First I start by painting the skin, then step by step I continue to paint and save as a step-by-step pictures.I try to highlight the color of the hat using pink
1. png

The color process of my digital art- Best Friend forever Processes:💻🎨
Color process-3Color process-4


This time I dyed my hair and bag. I made the two colors of the bag bright purple which was somewhat similar to the color of the two girls
1. png

The color process of my digital art- Best Friend forever Processes:💻🎨
Color process-5Color process-6


My coloring process I continued to paint and tried to color the picture with all the beautiful colors.

1. png

The color process of my digital art- Best Friend forever Processes:💻🎨
Color process-7Color process-8

1. png

The color process of my digital art- Best Friend forever Processes:💻🎨
Color process-9


After painting all the parts in the coloring process, I took a final step to express my art in beautiful form. I published my digital art by changing the background.
1. png


My Art Devices:
Art characterBest Friend forever art
Art SoftwareAutoCAD
Coloring and backgroundAdobe Photoshop CS5
Art time & date4hr+ -26-06-2022
Art By@rsalim
Concept Of My Art


The unfortunate person in the world is the person who has no true friend. And the lucky person in this world is the one who has a real friend.


After family, the person we love the most is our friend. A friend is a real partner in our lives. Friends are the people we find peace with, the things we feel good about, the emotions we feel, the things we like, and the things we feel bad about. Friendships are the people we spend most of our days with. And today I think of this friend as my art today. When I was coming to the office this morning, I suddenly saw two schoolgirls walking towards the school with their hands on their shoulders. I started thinking about my full day at that time. At one time I also went to school, college, and university holding hands with my friend, shoulder to shoulder - I had a lot of fun. From all these thoughts, my art today, I hope everyone will like this art

This art picture opensea nft has been published, anyone can buy it if you want. Thanks

Find more of my other art here



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You are really good at this.
Your drawings are supereb
Keep it up

Hello dearest friend @rsalim
Thank you very much for giving such an informative post.
I enjoyed going through your post and I hope to read more of your interesting post.

#steem-on 💙

You are so much talented artist dear. I loved your art so much dear.

Best friend forever , it is very good to see art all the time. You have done art in a very beautiful way digitally. Thanks for sharing the beautiful art with us. Good luck to you.

I love your art.

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