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Assalamu Alaikum

How are you all? Hope everybody is doing well. I'm fine Alhamdulillah. The first thing I want to say is that, I am new to this community. And this is my first post. If I have made any mistake in the post, then please forgive me. So let's get started.

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The first thing we need to know this, Tron account can be created in different ways. However, I will show you how to create an account through steemit account. So for this you need to login steemit account with your active key.

We are now in our wallet. So here we see three types of coin.

  • Steem
  • Sbd
  • Trx

We can see below that there is a coin called TRX.There we actually get two more options.


  • create new tron ​​account
  • link an existing tron ​​account

If you have a trx account,in that case you can easily make the link exist through the 2nd option if you want. So since we do not have an account, we will click on create new tron ​​account.


Then they will give you some terms and conditions and you have to read it carefully. Then click on create and download

It is better to say that sometimes many people get in trouble while creating an account. In that case you can try with owner key if you want.
Now a pdf will be automatically saved in your download folder. Be sure to check first if it has been saved. Many times it is not downloaded due to network problems. If not download then you will download from click here. Then go to the next step.

I repeat that this pdf is very important for you. Because here is your trx password. You must save it. Once you lose it, you will never get it back.


So your account is complete. There is a private key that will never be shared with anyone.

Those who have opened a brand new account on steemit. They do not have to open trx account. Because when opening a new account steemit opens trx account itself.

So this was basically today's post. I've tried to share things with people who work with mobile. I will come back with more new posts if you help. If you like the post, please vote. Let us know your opinion by commenting. Thanks everyone


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Thank you for providing this information my friend.
Hopefully this can be useful for many people.


Thanks for your feedback!

Nice tutorial
Keep hard work


Thank You!

Wow! Nice tutorial bro thanks for sharing.


This tutorial is very useful as many a time people tend to loose their tron wallet keys and the only way is to create a new tron account. But sometimes the problem is that they don't know how to do this.

My question is that, when I create a new tron account will I get my old trons back?


Thanks for your feedback. If you lost your account, in that case you will not able to get your password. But when you create a new account they will give you a pdf. In this pdf you will get your password. Thanks!


Oh ok thank you.

Thats ģreat to know.

Thank you for sharing this timely and educative information. I will sure keep this for reference sake.


Good work on the tutorial. Never really tired it on phone so didnt know anything about, thanks for the info!


Thanks for your feedback!

I gave the idea of ​​Tron account open to us very nicely. I like it very much. Your presentation was very good. This will benefit many people to open an account. Good luck to you.


You have shown me how to open a tron ​​account in a very nice way. Newcomers will understand very well. Thanks for your tutorial.


Thanks for your feedback!

Your post is quite educative I must say but I urge you to make use of proper markdown styles such as justifying your text as this will help make your post appear neat and easier to read.


You said right. I will try to use justify text in my next posts.

Extraordinary tutorial dear. This tutorial helps me alot. Now I am going to create my TRX. Thanks for sharing. 🥰


Thanks for your feedback!