Colorchallenge Friday Sky Blue: Covid-19 Super Clear Skies — No Pollution!

5개월 전

Today's entry for the popular #colorchallenge photo initiative, originally started by @kalemandra, and now one of the longest running group activities in the world of Steem!

Today's theme is "Friday Blue," or sometimes "Friday Sky Blue." This is also the color that corresponds to the Throat Chakra.

Flowering elderberry against the clear blue sky

Because so many things have stopped due to the coronavirus, there are fewer pollutants in the air, and I have noticed — particularly over the past 7-10 days — that the skies are so much clearer than before.

A new shoot on the forsythia bush reaches for the sky

When looking up, I've also noticed how there are no planes overhead. And, not surprisingly, there are also none of the so-called "chemtrails" conspiracy theorists love to talk about.

A solitary crow in its lookout spot

Wouldn't it be lovely if part of the "new normal (when it happens) involved less pollution? We've certainly shown that simply stopping does cause the smog to go away.

Have a beautiful day!

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