Colorchallenge Thursday Green: It's GREEN, but Frequently Mistaken Identity!

5개월 전

Here's today's entry for the popular #colorchallenge photo challenge, originally started by @kalemandra, and which seems to have grown into one of the more popular photo activities and mass participation challenges in the Steemosphere.

Today's theme is "Thursday Green." Green is the color of life; green gives us life. Green is also the color traditionally associated the Heart Chakra.


We have a large bush/small tree in our yard that sometimes causes a bit of a stir with visitors.

The "uninitiated" ask things like "OMG! Is that a pot TREE???"


No. No it's not.

It's actually an ornamental maple tree. But I suppose you could arrive at the idea it were a cannabis plant of some kind, if you were not familiar with those.

Played around with black-and-white, too...


And finally, an artistic rendition:


Have a beautiful day, and stay healthy!

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