Colorchallenge Tuesday Orange: The Amazing Creations of Nature!

3개월 전

Here's today's entry for the #colorchallenge photo initiative, originally started by @kalemandra. I really enjoy sharing various photos to fit the occasion.

The theme for today is "Tuesday Orange;" which is also the color corresponding to the Sacral Chakra.


It's amazing what's there, when we get close enough to things we see every day. In this case, a deep orange marigold, seen in extreme close-up.


All those amazing little folds are curls make up what most people look at and call "an orange flower."

It pays to just pause, sometimes... and truly look at the world around us.


The complete flower — maybe two inches across — is a miniature work of art!

But it's also "just an orange flower..."

Take a closer look at your surroundings, next time you are out and about!

Have a beautiful day!

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