Why it's probably not a good idea to earn interest with the funding fee on Bitmex

2년 전

I have been doing video's reviewing the options to earn interest in the crypto space, while researching the interest rate you might get on bitmex I was surprised to find that it was'nt that great.

If you are not sure how to make interest on Bitmex check out my video posted at the bottom.

mex interest history.png

As you can see the only time you would of got a good rate is in 2017, and in that year btc went up 1300% which likely inflated the rate.

If we ignore 2017 you would of actually lost 0.5% over the 3 years.

While this is a bad indictment of earning interest on Bitmex it does mean that you would of been paid to go long on leverage, something any trader dreams of. Finally minus interest rates for the masses.

Ultimately I think if you believe the crypto market will rise, you are better off buying crypto (maybe on Bitmex, risky).

If you believe the market will fall, it is better to sell your crypto and lend out the funds, on say bitfinex, binance or other sites. Or even short on bitmex if you are feeling wild.

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