Bitcoin and CME Gaps Chart Review and Update #61 ?

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Bitcoin Chart Review

CME gaps are at 11840 $ and Recent Gap at 9645 $ - $400 not $700 CME Gap sighted and Previous Gap at 3563 $, Don't get me wrong as I definitely don't recommend shorting BTC and CME futures gap at 9645 to be closed stay valid.

Closing this month above 10.5 is fking too bullish in my opinion. We have already broken trendline resistance from 20k..

At Bearish pov, since the previous wave showed lower purchase volumes and more sales, this may happen this week. we may see a big pump in ~ $ 12000, Certainly it is only a matter of time but prefer to watch BTC a little before the next stage.

BTC fills the 11840 gap and then goes down below gaps .. !!

What do u think?

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Usually BTC gaps are always filled, Btc mostly trade by filling gaps, i also think that Bitcoin will come down to fill some gaps before going up


yes, may be it will fill first $11840 gap then come down for correction

thanks a lot for your support !!!
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