So the Royal Mint has more over priced silver... Ohh OK, go on then, I'll have two!

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Britain’s history is rich and diverse. For more than 1,100 years, the nation’s story has been told through coins struck by The Royal Mint, a narrative carried in the pockets and purses of all its people. The contribution of ethnic minority communities has been such an important part of that story but has often gone unrecognised. This coin has been created to celebrate all the people who have made Britain what it is today.

The coin design by Dominique Evans features the words ‘DIVERSITY BUILT BRITAIN’ on a structure composed of interconnected triangles. The lines are linked to form a network, with each part just as important as the next in uniting the whole composition.


The RM has done it again.... Found a way to extract £57.50 of my hard earned fiat straight out of my hand and in to their coffers.

They continue to make these coins and I continue to buy these over priced silver trinkets. I'm still hoping that one day, one of these overpriced coins will hold its value and eventually make me a small resale profit.

  • Limited Edition 25000
  • The coin celebrates British diversity and marks a change for UK coinage
  • The design is by Dominique Evans, the designer of the Jane Austen 2017 UK Coin
  • Struck in sterling silver and finished to Proof standard
  • The coin is unique in seeking to embrace all elements of diversity in Britain

I've gone and bought two coins, one for each of my children. I'm hoping for some seriously low serial numbers, or cool numbers, to help any future resales and profit making.

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You can take this a step forward @welshstacker...and also say diversity builds a good investment portfolio, that should include precious metals at the top!😀

The U.S. Mint got me for $150 for just Two U.S. Silver "Proof" Eagles with a 2020 Date and a San Francisco Mint Mark...
October 18, 2020... 17.8 Hollywood Time...

Limited edition coins can always deliver returns in the long-term. Besides exposure to gold or silver, coin lovers would buy rare coins at a significant premium. In a decade or so, the coin would sell at a higher premium.

Interesting. In a coin, does the value of the silver equal the price or do you pay more then the current value of the silver for artistic value and possible future appreciation?


Bullion coins - which include american silver Eagles, Canadian Maples, UK Britannias are sold for their silver content, plus a small premium on top. So a coin with $20 of silver in it might be sold for $23 to cover costs and small profit as they are produced in their millions.

You can then buy limited edition coins and/or one off coins that sill have $20 of silver in them and pay, like I did, $70+..... In the hope that any future resell value will be determined by their rarety and astetics.

I always bought for weight - I'd buy the most silver I could for my money. So I'd buy maples and and generic 1 ounce bullion coins, but as my stack has grown, I've started to diversify my collection to try and maximis returns. My bullion coins will only ever be worth their silver content, and as Silver prices climb, I could potent3make lots of $$ in profit. But I buy these coins and hope I might get lucky and buy that one coin everyone wants later down the road.

Hope that long winded answer answered your question @shortsegments?


Yes. Thank you very much. That’s what I was looking for... Now I am thinking maybe I should go price these coins and consider buying one every payday, if feasible.

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Next question, do you know about any crypto tokens backed by gold? If so what do you think about them?


I don't know of any... I think aggroed (could be wrong) has a silver backed one?? If there ever was one, most precious metal stackers would rather own and have the gold in their possession - we live by "if you don't hold it, you don't own it".


Have a look at Pax gold
It's an eth based token as much as I remember backed by gold