Sidari - Canal d'amour - Corfu Island

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Sidari is a village placed in the North West part of Corfu island in a hill area. It is pretty big town on the Corfu island, there was decent amount of tourists even in late September, big number of all kinds of restaurants, bars, looks like there is a decent night life.

We were there 3 times, first just driving around, we got there late afternoon and the wind was unbelievable. Sand in the eyes, not a great thing, but the place looks nice, and i wanted to explore the photographic potential so we went another day. Third time, my friend had an idea of treasure hunting and he thought Canal d'amour is a great place for that. One of his favorite things to do is hunt for stuff that people forgot to take out of their pockets when jumping in. As he is a diver he is pretty good at snorkeling, but he was disappointed as people lost nothing those days or more likely the waves and sand make visibility almost non existent, so not great for easy treasure hunt.


Sidari is most famous for it's Canal d'amour beach. It is an opening created by the corrosive effect of the water and the air above the cliff made of sandstone. The site is interesting to see, and if you are passing by you should definitely stop and visit.


This post will be photos heavy because i seen a lot of potential in this rock formations. The shape, color, curves, and overall look of the place felt to me as it had ton of photographic potential. And even i am happy with some photos, i feel that i did not use it as i initially thought.


This photo was from the first day, you can see the waves caused by that crazy wind.


As i spent descent amount of time there, i tried to play a waiting game. Find a spot, wait for people to come in or move out of the scene, take the photo.



I had high expectations from this one, but she never got to the edge. could have been an interesting one.







I was waiting for a spectacular sunset, and here was a small chance that i will get it, but this is all i got from it. In the end it was to much clouds for sun to go through and make that incredible colors.





Google maps says that Sidari is 45 minutes from Corfu town, but it is a road through the mountains and i did't want to test my car as i had my share of tight roads (and we were housed in Kassiopi) so i used the road that goes around the island (map says less then 2 hours), and the quality of it is maybe even more then i expected. We all know that the best car is a company car, but second best is probably rented, so if you are there and you rent a car, you could probably go through the mountains.



Till now you all probably seen the King of Sidari on his throne at Canal d'amour. If you somehow missed last few posts, click on the photos to check them out:

IMG_3245 cats.jpg

8 40x26 kassiopi.jpg

Also you can check out Underwater World of Corfu video on 3speak click on the photo

underwater tumbnail 1.jpg

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