Visiting Putuo Village @ Kulai, Malaysia

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Putuo Village is located in Kulai, Johor. It combines tourist attractions of Buddhism, culture and leisure. Every Chinese New Year and Buddha Birth, Putuo Village has a lot of ideal programs makes more happening and lively for the temple, and attracting many people to visit and worship.

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I had visited this temple before the Covid-19 pandemic.
Today let me share with you the experience when visiting this beautiful temple. That day was not Buddha’s Birth or any special festival, but the incenses in the temple was vigorous.

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The windows of temple on both sides were opened. The fresh air made the good ventilation in the temple. We enjoyed the natural wind.

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Entering the main hall, there was a splendid and solemn Cundi Bodhisattva. The magnetic field in the temple was greatly peaceful.

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Along the walkway was the Prayer Wheels.

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It is said that the prayer wheel is manifestation of Buddha and Bodhisattvas. Turning clockwise, its merits are incredible. It can eliminate bad karma and become good luck.

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Continue my journey with this beautiful walkway and we saw the signboard showing Chinese Zodiac Fortune Year 2020.

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The landscape design along the walkway bring out the design concept of Chinese Garden with planted many stone bamboos and carpet grass.

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It was a Wishing Tree. Many of the visitors threw red wishing belts in succession to pray for good fortune for their families.

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This walkway was very ancient and original architectural design. It was mainly built with bamboo leaves and wooden material. Walked under the roof made of bamboo leaves, I felt particularly shady.

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Unexpectedly, I saw this red powderpuff flower, Calliandra tergemina ver.emarginata in this temple garden. Surprise!

IMG20190420102642 copy.jpg

Walking along the aisle, we came to another area which’s Bamboo Forest, and also called Top Holy Place for Meditation.

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Next to the main entrance gateway, there was a tea house where people can sit and enjoy the tranquillity and relaxing of bamboo forest.

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There was an aisle connecting Putuo Village and Bamboo Forest, which’s a three-step worship path. The meaning of three-step worship is to make Buddhists repent of their past bad karma, encourage Buddhists to be motivated positively. It also is one of worship activities during Buddha Birth. This aisle is quite sloping and physically exhausting. It seems that only devoted believers will do three-steps worship here.

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When I walked into bamboo forest, I saw the golden stupa and tall bamboo trees.

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This golden stupa was very quiet and solemn built in the bamboo forest. Take clockwise walk around the stupa can eliminate the bad karma of falling to hell.

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The environment here is very quiet and peaceful. Every visitor will definitely like to do meditation as it is really the best holy place for meditation.

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There was a solemn stupa with Gautama Buddha Sakyamuni in the bamboo forest. The five-colored flags are tied on both sides of the stupa. It’s great merit and blessing for auspicious and peace and bring lots benefits for all beings.

IMG20190420103224 copy.jpg

The small towers are neatly built along the aisle. Do you feel reaching Shaolin Temple?
Putuo Village will lights up during every Chinese New Year and organise many Chinese New Year activities that attract many people to visit the temple. It has become one of top 10 tourist attractions in Johor.
Thanks for reading.

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