The enchanting Sila national park

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The Sila national park is an extensive woodland spot, located in the southern part of the Italian territory, in the Calabria region. It is a very large park, among the largest in Europe and is very rich in timber and waterways and, in past centuries, it has been used to build ships, churches and homes for the local population and beyond.

Today the park is protected and has been transformed from a resource for humans to a resource for local fauna and flora, hosting a huge variety of animals including wolves, wild boars, foxes, fawns but also owls, hawks and an innumerable amount of birds that find refuge in the dense vegetation made of pines, firs, oaks and chestnut trees.

During the excursion, my wife and I walked some very well-marked paths, each presented by a map which describes the length of the route, the difficulty, the points of interest, the fauna and flora that we would have encountered during our path. For those who have had the opportunity to walk in the woods, they can well understand the peace and silence that only nature can transmit to you.

The sound of the wind caresses the trees, the chirping of birds, the water of the streams that flow from the rock and get lost in the vegetation. Heaven touched with our hands. All routes are free and there is always an emergency number to contact in case of difficulty. In the parks there are facilities for the entertainment of children and not only, strictly in wood, as well as some museums where it is possible to know the history of the Sila park since the dawn, when it was inhabited by the first men.

Nature has truly given us a unique experience, charging us with pure energy and optimism. The Silla park is truly a sacred and magical place.

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