The New Plaza Del Ayuntamiento Valencia - Creating Space For It's Citizens And Visitors

4개월 전

We love the new Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia ♥♥♥♥♥

The year of 2020 is a memorable one, that's for sure! Covid-19 changed our world and lives. It also changed our future and how we're looking back on our past.

All these changes can also a big chance for humanity, finally getting the kick in the butt to secure our future on this earth.

So one of the changes here in Valencia we really loved was to pedestrianize the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Plans were already made before the pandemic hit us. But it triggered many more changes like the green belt from the Turia Park to Valencia's Marina for example.

We as citizens and visitors to the city of Valencia need more space to freely move around in a sustainable way.

Next up is Plaza de la Reina, this summer they're going to start turning it also into a pedestrian friendly zone and yes I'm going to document these changes as well.

This video was recorded with this camera.

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