Chadong, found a hidden rainbow stair

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Chadong, an ordinary small village, became popular because of a TV series, attracting many tourists to visit. Anti-Drug Action, a TV series based on a real drug compilation case, the scene of the drug manufacturing village is taken from Chadong Village, and the “Lin’s Ancestral Hall” is taken from the Chen’s Ancestral Hall, so the Chen’s Ancestral Hall has become a popular tourist spot.

The Chen’s Ancestral Hall has a history of more than 400 years, it was built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. It is used as a place for Chen clan to worship their ancestors and sages, now is a national key cultural relics protection unit. Every brick and tile in the ancestral hall is full of history. Old-fashioned screen door panels are now rare!

Mottled wooden doors, stone walls, and moss-covered floors, come here to see what is antique.

And also the tiny stone Lion’s sexy butt~

When everyone focused on the ancient ancestral hall, no one found there is a rainbow staircase quietly hidden in the corner. Scenery is discovered with eyes. Get more explore, you can see scenery that others can’t see~

Chadong Park, a deserted park of the Qing Dynasty, the front door is locked, but you can walk in from behind. After entering, you can only see the fell leaves and ruined pavilions. There is a Wudu Bridge in the park. It is said to be built more than 500 years ago. It is made of five pieces of granite. It used to be the main passage for Chadong Village to contact the outside world.

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