Dashan Island,a small island with its own life rhythm

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Shunde, a modern city in Guangdong, there is a small island —Dashan Island, which still without any traffic road .

Even though the surroundings are developing rapidly, the island still maintains its own rhythm of life, retains the most primitive style of water village, and lives in farming and raising chickens.

The way to go to the island can be by boat or through the stairs next to the Desheng Bridge, but I feel that taking a boat is more match the style of water village, and the round-trip ticket is only 3 yuan.

There is an indescribable sense of hidden world when walking in the countryside. The people on the island are living a self-sufficient life. No matter what the outside world is, it seems that it is difficult to disturb the tranquility of the island.

Many houses have been empty and covered with weeds. When you walk into the house, you can still see the old furniture. Occasional encounter with a deserted mansion, three stories high, the door is opening , doesn’t isolate for others exploring.

The most suitable season to visit a water village obviously is rainy days. The rainwater falling in river make the water village more beautiful ! The old wooden boat floats on river, I seems could saw that villagers ever used this boat to travel everywhere on the island!

On the Island still have many place to explore, and there are many restaurant providing fresh vegetable and chicken. Also you can taste the longans growing everywhere on the island ! There just a few visitor , it doesn't like an tourist place , but just a natural village.

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