The ever paradise, now a ghost town, lost paradise adventure

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Ruins, should be the yearning place of many adventure lovers, and amusement parks are also carrying the memory of a generation. If you revisit an old park, it will evoke a lot of memories! Is there a ruin amusement parks in your city? And is there one that carries your memory?

I have only recently known that this paradise is deserted, but if it didn’t desert, I have no interest to come again. I wanna come here for adventure just because it is deserted! Last time it should have been 10+ years ago ! When I was in primary school, our teachers also would bring us here for spring tours.

Lotus Cup, I liked to play it when I was a child, especially when my parents played it together with me. But now I don’t feel any funny about it , the happiness of childhood is so simple!

The little train, I remember when I grow tall enough, I still took this with my younger brother. The little train move slowly , but I still holding my brother tightly, afraid that he would be throw out!

The signs have been covered by vines. I don’t know how long this paradise has been abandoned here, how long it will keep abandoned. Will there be a chance to come in again after two years? Or has it been converted into modern buildings?

Thriller house, remember at that time after entered, someone was pushing behind me, and the one in front of me was pushed by me, and then I passed the thriller house between screams! who am I? where am I? What just happened inside? Is there anything terrible? No impression at all! The most terrifying ones are those screams!

Turbo drop, what a terrible facility! I am not enough brave to play, although I am a person who is not afraid of riding a roller coaster!

Many romantic movie will appear carousel, but this ruined carousel should be more suitable for making horror movies, do you thing so?

A fraudulent shop, remember that a cup noodles here was cost 18 yuan, but if bought at outside just 3 yuan! Normally, we would take our own foods for spring tours!

Dodgems, I remember my dad played together with me when I was a child, and few years later I went to other parks to play, I can still regain the happiness same as that time. Dodgems must be an enduring game for adults and children!

The dolls outside the Western Train are so weird! Won’t it scare children? It should be very scared if come at night? In fact, I really want to come again at night, it should be more like an adventure!

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