Tingko Beach Alkoy Cebu Philippines (White Sand Paradise)

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Are you one of those people out there whose feet are ready to kick for a new adventure? Well, this post will put a smile on your face since I am trying to inform everyone especially to those beach lovers who can now visit one of the best municipalities here in Cebu Province, Philippines. What I am feeling right now is beyond my level of happiness not just only having a chance to experience a new trip but I am glad to those employees who are now can work and by this, it makes a big difference. As we witnessed how individuals were struggling when they were unemployed it increased the number of jobless people. I am proud to be a Filipino because there were many of our "kababayans" who are really creative. They think out from the box in order to survive in daily life. No matter how difficult life is, we still remain firm and hard-working and that adds the perfect taste of what a "Pinoy" is.


photography by @gohenry


photography by @gohenry

We travelled for about 30 minutes away from my place in Dalaguete. I drove by motorbike. Actually buses are now available to travel from city to province and vice versa. For additional information, The residents from Cebu Province can travel in the City not more than 24 hours and must have an approved travel pass from "Barangay" and Mayor's office the same as from the City. If not then you are advised to be in their facility for quarantine. One good thing about this is that from the first province to the end of the south we are allowed to travel without any travel pass as long as we wear a mask and face shield specifically riding a motorbike.


photography by @gohenry

Alcoy! Yes you heard it right! If this is your first time to hear this place , well let me tour you and show what makes this place popular? Alcoy is known for its amazing white beaches. Let me start first in Tingko Beach. This is the only beach I am up to in my mind if we planned to find the best one here in the Province and it is our neighboring town which is I find it easier and faster to travel by. There are many outdoor beach activities you can do here which is a good place to spend. Because of the beauty of Alcoy, it will make you stay longer but don't worry they have many comfortable, clean, and safer hotels/apartelles to stay in. Expect some changes such as the number of persons allowed to stay as part of the protocol due to COVID.


photography by @gohenry

Are you stress working at home? Looking for a spa but closed? Oh, come on! bring yourself into this white sand and dip in. Do you know that salt water helps you, even more, feel better? You deserve to treat yourself away from the noise and crowded. You should include this in your travel list and experience the hot sunny day with this blue-green water at the beach.



photography by @gohenry

This little hut on the big rock is a signature spot to identify that you are in Tingko beach. As you can check online, this famous spot will appear. On my way to it, I made my own point of view on how old and modern merged as one. Despite of the new concept of ideas people are into like building or renovating resorts to attract people, they still preserved this hut which shows a kind of Filipino culture in a way where and how we lived in the past years but these huts still appear mostly in the provinces because aside from less expensive to build, we find it way firm and comfy breathing the fresh air from the beach.



photography by @gohenry

Can you see the water? it is bluer than the sky. Sad to say I was not able to gain information about the cost of riding boats but worry less because I will update you guys soon on my next visit here. This man is about to go fishing. As we talked, he mentioned that he was thankful for the everyday blessings he received, and catching fish helps him a lot to provide his family's needs. As I mentioned earlier, many Filipinos are doing their best to find an alternative how to work and support their needs. He was used to be a tour guide in the boats from tourists. When the lockdown came, he decided to do something where he and his family can be benefitted and that's what he did for how many months since the lockdown. During this pandemic, it really tests us to have faith and use your skills for good things doings because it will pay you back more than what you sacrificed for.



photography by @gohenry

From families, friends, and couples are now having a great time spending their days here in Alcoy. Some were enjoying dipping into the water and some were cherishing their moments by walking through the beach. I realized that beach doesn't just only let you swim in the water but by just looking at it, it heals, it comforts, and it helps each of us to free our minds from loaded problems and so on.



photography by @gohenry

So what are you waiting for? grab your bikinis or swimwear and ready to pose. This experience will give you an unforgettable one. If you have the chance to check online about their facility then you feel free to scroll. You can see there the different perk what the resort can offer. For additional trivia, the white sand used in Manila Bay was from this municipality here in Alcoy. Have a beach sunny day everyone! Stay safe.

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