Winter in the Netherlands, National park the Hoge Veluwe!

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I am taking you with me on a hiking and photographing trip trough national park The Hoge Veluwe in the Netherlands. This al during a snow storm.

Park Planken Wambuis

This park, the Hoge Veluwe, is divided into several smaller parks, including the one from my last post Planken Wambuis. I'll take you further into that last park. I have selected a walking route of 20 km. It was snowing all day and that is really exceptional for the Netherlands. The routes in the Netherlands are usually indicated with posts and on those posts are different color markings corresponding the route you are walking. Hopefully the posts are still visible and not snowed under. It was also very windy that day so I assumed that the posts would be free of snow.

They were walking te 4,4 km routeThey were walking te 4,4 km route Lovely tunnel of trees!Lovely tunnel of trees!

The first part of the route passed a number of campsites and vacation homes, so some people had already walked on the path. That was part of a shorter route of 4 kilometers. After some time there were no traces at all. The only traces were the deer from my previous post.

Would you stay here for your holiday?Would you stay here for your holiday?

After those first encounters i had the whole aria for my self. I didn't sa a single person for miles. I later heard that several highways in the Netherlands were closed due to snowdrifts caused by the wind. That was probably the reason I walked around there alone. And of course the snow itself, what crazy person is going to walk in this weather!

The trip was about 21 kilometers and it took me 6 hours because i was continuously taking pictures and looking out for wildlife. Here is the route i took. I started at camping Beek and Hei an ideal base for this trip! But there are many campsites around this aria. 

Ask for a map at the camping site.Ask for a map at the camping site. 

Take bus 105 from Arnhem central train station to Otterlo, bus stop De zanding

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