Winter in the Netherlands! Hiking on the Veluwe!

5개월 전

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OMG people, it's been a while since my last post but what the heck did we have a micro winter here in the Netherlands. The prediction of snow was correct, that's not the strongest point of the Dutch weather authorities, predicting the weather correctly but it has been 2 weeks af snow and ice :D

I started out camping in the woods in my VW california camper van!

Here a before and after picture! The snow came overnight so i couldn't do a timelaps.

Before the snowBefore the snow The next morning!The next morning!

It wasn't that cold the first two nights because of the snow clouds!  The temperature doesn't drop that hard because of the clouds but after the second day it was a clear sky at night an temperatures dropt to about minus 15 Celsius. There was a lot of wind so it felt much colder!

National park Planken Wambuis!

The first morning i took a hiking route trough national Park Planken Wambuis, that's part of the bigger nature reserve called The "Hoge Veluwe"! I have never been here before so i went on a early hike. Didn't know how many people i could encounter so I started early.

I was lucky because of all the snow a few highways were closed down because of ice-forming and snow banks du to the winds!  

About 30 minutes in to the hike i saw something move in the forest, try focusing my camera on it but the bush was to dense to see clearly. 
But the movement got closer and all of a sudden this beautiful animal crosses the hiking path!

Lucky basterd to see this animal so close!Lucky basterd to see this animal so close!

I slowly walked on and looked in to the bush if i could spot the animal again. When i saw his tracks where he crossed te path i looked in the bush and there he was, standing stil and looking if i spotted him. That was so cool to see. A magical encounter and his just 30 minutes in my hike.

Does he see me?Does he see me?

It was a difficult spot to focus on the animal because there are so many trees but i got lucky he didn't run away for a couple of seconds.

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Really nice post :) The snowy Sunday was a magical day. And it is also visible from your pictures.