A new feature in Google search that helps to find better results?

5개월 전


Google announced that it will attach the search results with warning messages when you find that the search result was not useful or far from what the user is searching for.

The search giant wrote in a post on the company's blog We have all gone through this before: You are looking for something, and the results do not seem to relate to what you were looking for.

The blog stated that starting today in the U.S., Google will attach a new message telling the user when it can't find anything that matches their search so well.

Google says it will still allow users to see results, in addition to warning them that their search may not have been what they had hoped for, and will sometimes provide "alternative" searches that can lead to better results.


"When possible, the feature will also provide some alternative searches as well as on how to reformulate your query to better find the information you're looking for," Google wrote on her blog.

According to Google, the notice should not appear much because the search is designed to produce truly correct results, but it can help users avoid getting into search problems in cases where information is scarce.

And it adds, Google Blog if it turns out (that what you were hoping to find is not on the web at all, you can always check again later to see if anyone has created a new article or published new information you will find useful).

Messages will increase other tools Google uses, such as notifications when search results show no result, and others that appear when keywords are missing from the result.

Google has said it is always working on the search algorithm to make it more accurate, and to prevent cases where users cannot find results.

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