Dinosaurs were traveling between Africa and Europe on foot?

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The footprints of dinosaurs found in many European countries, which are very similar to those found in Morocco, indicate that these creatures were traveling between the two continents through a shallow sea that was separated by them more than (145 million years).
In that era of distant history, at the end of the Jurassic era, the continents of the world were not in the position we know today. As a result of the fragmentation of the giant continent (Pangea), the countries that now constitute the continent


of Europe were part of an archipelago surrounded by a shallow sea belonging to the "Lorasia", which Parts of Asia included Europe and North America, located in the southern archipelago of the Iberian Peninsula alongside another continent called "Gondwana" that includes Africa, South America and Australia.
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Scientists believe that large predators settled in different parts of this land, after finding their traces on different continents; for example, traces of Allosaurus and stegosaurs and their bones were found in both North America and Portugal, indicating That both regions were connected in some way.
In a new study, published in the African Earth Sciences Journal this October, a team of European scientists identified two types of dinosaur footprints associated with large Jurassic predators in Switzerland today, Portugal, Spain (belonging to Lorasia) and Morocco (which was in Gondwana).
According to the scientists, these found signs are from carnivorous dinosaurs that walk like two dinosaur-like dinosaurs (Tyrannosaurus rex).

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