🏖️🌴Travel throwback: Amazing Palawan views, Philippines (Asia)

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Another travel throwback to share! I had a trip in Palawan, Philippines, early this year on January 27 - Feb 8, 2020. Yes, indeed for 2 weeks in Coron, El-Nido, & Puerto Princessa. It was a total fun Island hopping to see the beautiful sea, lakes, amazing corals, lagoons, wreck ships underwater, mountains etc. It was an eye candy amazing Palawan views to look at!

There are places in Palawan I have seen that are picture 📸 worthy. The Lagoons, wreck ships underwater, different species of fish & corals! but it needs a waterproof camera to shoot it. Too bad, I didnt bring any waterproof camera (Next time I will buy another GoPro, unfortunately I sold mine🙄)

Here are some of the amazing Palawan views I want to share taken from my  mobile phones and a Sony cam. 






Activities in Palawan:

Snorkeling around East Tangat gunboat, a world war 2 Japanese shipwreck, Swimming & snorkeling to the marine park to view colorful & diverse corals and fishes under water. Fish- feeding of fishes thriving at skeleton wreck. Swimming through a hole from one to another majestic & enchanting lagoon snorkeling at the islands best coral reefs and see the colorful school of fish thriving on the reefs...






Im so grateful a friend help us with the itinerary for our 2 weeks stay in Palawan. She owns a travel agency based in Palawan. We are lucky we had a smooth tour on our vacation

13d12n Palawan Tour Package

Inclusions: (Jan. 27- Feb 8, 2020)

• Airport transfer ( Coron) – (January 27)

• Coron Super Ultimate Island tour with Barracuda Lake- (January 28)

• Coron Reef and Wreck Tour- (January 29)

• FREE DAY- (January 30)

• Ferry Montenegro to El Nido- (January 31)

• El Nido Tour A- (February 1)

• El Nido Tour C- (February 2)

• FREE DAY- (February 3)

• Private Van transfer from El Nido to PPS- (February 4)

• Exclusive Underground River- (February 5)

• Exclusive Honda bay- (February 6)

• FREE DAY – (February 7)

• Departure – (February 8)

I also have pictures and videos on my drone, DJI Mavic Air, to show on my next blog. Appreciate you reading my blog and I hope its interesting enough to get more smiles, upvotes, resteem so I can continue on posting some cool photos of my travels. Feel free to comment for any questions if you have any regarding my travels.

I plan to post another blog separately of each islands (Coron, El-nido and Puerto Princessa) with pictures of the places and me very soon. 🤳

So til the next travel throwback!

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Cool! Awesome thanks for featuring my blog! @travelfeed
I feel ecstatic giving my post the biggest smile, appreciate it so much. Yes, i will be posting more of my travels often to share on this Community.

All of these pictures are wonderful. They make me think of a lost paradise. Its a shame that most of these places get ruined by us. Anyway, good luck on the contest!!


Oh hi! @clacrax Totally agree with you! and thanks!

I wonder when we can travel again looking at your pictures makes me want to go there like NOW , i have to see what it will cost to do what you did from here in the Netherlands. I thank you for the lovely summer memories in difficult dark covid times 


@brittandjosie Yes! It was lovely and very fortunate to visit early this year before Covid strikes. This is not the gist in Palawan, best part is to see the underwater corals, fish, ship wreck, lagoons! It was amazing to see.

Ive been to Amsterdam, its a different view, it was also a great place to visit. Oh! now that you mentioned, let me post my Amsterdam trip next hahaha