Once upon a time people were familiar with hookah. Hookahs have also changed with the passage of time.

11개월 전

The traditional hookah of rural Bengal is getting lost in the whirl of time. At one time, this hookah was popular among the common people as one of the means of smoking. Whose circulation is now rapidly disappearing. Even a few years ago, smokers in the villages of abominable Bengal were addicted to tobacco through hookah. At that time, hookah was prevalent in the homes of almost all, rich and poor.
Speaking to the elderly, it was said that hookah was the main attraction for the guests in the various meeting rooms of the village. Boys and adults of all ages were intoxicated with hookah. Many people have never seen hookah smoking in the present generation. Because at that time hookah has been replaced by bidi, cigarettes, whiskey, heroin, gaza and other drugs. In which harmful nectar is present at a higher rate. Even after that, the youth of the rising age is involved in this death intoxication. All the guardians of the country are always worried about them...


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