Around the Bolevec ponds

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We took our Friday walk together with my wife.
We will start with a monumental sculpture, a memorial to the Pilsen builders. Of course, it is meant the builders of the panel housing estate Bolevec.
This work with cubist features is nicknamed "Man Helping Woman to Coat".
We'll look at it in the glare of the evening sun.


From the statue we will go to Šídlovský pond. This pond is closest to the final tram No. 4 - Košutka.

The pond was founded after 1460. It is said to be named after Šídlovský estate No. 14 in Bolevec, which probably belonged to the land.
At present it is mainly used for recreation. Beach and bottom of the pond is sandy.

In the years 1922-1995 there was a children's sanatorium on its north bank, which was demolished after a fire in 1997.


Let's take a look at the pond from where it once stood.


On the left under the willow notice an enterprising metal detector :)

On this shore you will find exercise machines designed for the general public.


I just have to try some of them;)

pedal slow.gif

That's too slow, faster! Add it!

pedal quick.gif

After a short stretch of the stiff limbs, we set out on another journey.
From Šídlovák Pond we will take a comfortable forest path to Kamenný or Kameňák Pond.
The pond has an area of ​​5.2 ha and dates from the same time as the nearby Šídlovák. Its water is brown due to leaches from peat bogs on tributaries. Nearby you will find a unique grease kiln and a natural reserve Kamenný rybník.


We will walk along the pond dam to the nearby gamekeeper's lodge.


Even before it we notice a small stone monument, the torment of God.


During the air raid of the Allied troops on December 16, 1944, the gamekeeper's lodge was hit directly and partially destroyed. The rescue of the locals is commemorated by the Calvary near the dam. At present, Sofronka serves as a gamekeeper's lodge of urban forests along the road I / 27.

Allied bombers at that time under heavy fire from German flake dropped part of the bombs into the local forests. We can find over a hundred craters here, some of which are still flooded with groundwater.
One of them can be found in a valley near the wayside shrine, where it forms a small lake.


The torture of God was recently renewed by the Bolevec natives.

It is not far from the Kamenný Pond to the Třemošenský Pond.
Pond Třemošenský or Židovák was founded after 1734, together with Senecký pond. It was originally intended for the citizens of Třemošná for cattle sailing.
This was probably the reason why during the Second World War, exactly since March 1940, the Nazis were reserved for Jews as the only permitted bathing place.
Today we find a barrier-free path for wheelchairs, prams and cyclists.


We can also see old quarries, where sandstone was built in the past for the construction of Pilsen houses.


The main road I / 27 connecting Pilsen and Žatec now leads to the pond dam. It will now be extended by two lanes and will be bridged by a pedestrian and cycling bridge nearby.


Our walk ends with sunset over Třemošenský pond.
I believe you walked with us and enjoyed the walk.


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