Tahrir island - If anyone likes peaceful spots


In the event that anybody loves quiet spots1. 1. or on the other hand needs to ride the ocean without a group, Shahpori's island is best for you.People from technaf go to Saint Martin, or back from technaf to Cox and Dhaka on their way back, the island is totally ignored.He accepts that shachari's island can't be overlooked from the beauty.It won't be an error to state ০% of vacationer here.We went to the last ২৭ date.There was no traveler on the island aside from us.That's the reason it may make the excellence look excessively much.However, the island will before long pull in tourists.The roads of the Cox's Bazar Marin Drive will reach Shahpori Island.

The manner in which I'm looking.

Step by step instructions to go-

1.Taeknafkho transport from Dhaka or from Cox.Then from taknaf to CNG to Shahpori Island.

2.If you need to show up at the inside, you can either arrive at curves and CNG or pontoon to summoned as I come in.

You own the duty to keep the nation clean.Nature darlings never make nature so dirty.So, kindly don't go to see the idea of the messy attitude where there is.



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