From Madrid to Heaven: the terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes

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Modernism, classicism, traditionModernism, classicism, tradition

Madrid is one of those European capitals whose life, media where it exists, that always invites you to know it from multiple perspectives.

Culture and restorationCulture and restoration

That is why today I want to invite you to know part of that urban, classic, elegant and timeless Madrid, from an elevated position, above those sidewalks, eternally inhabited by a society that is characterized, today, by integration and the uniqueness of the races and cultures that make it up.

Panoramic with the statue of Minerva in frontPanoramic with the statue of Minerva in front

And of course, nothing better to do so, than to invite you to get to know this city that saw me born and grow, personally and professionally, from one of its most unique viewpoints: the terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes.

The famous charioteers of the Ministry of the EnvironmentThe famous charioteers of the Ministry of the Environment

However, first it is necessary to put them in the background, without forgetting to mention, even as a comparison of other large cities in this Spain, heir to the mythical Hesperia, that if Antonio Gaudí is the soul of Barcelona, ​​the architect Antonio Palacios, there is no doubt, that is the soul of Madrid.

Madrid from a bird’s eye viewMadrid from a bird's eye view

It is not a matter of exaggeration, but a great majority of those fantasy buildings, which make up the heart of a city that could be said specially designed to delight any lover of Architecture due to its superb wealth of styles, were made by this architect. , that although he had different points of view with the great Gaudí, it could be said that he was the main instigator of a modernism, whose gaze never lost sight of the beauty of traditional classical forms.

The famous black angel of the Metropolis buildingThe famous black angel of the Metropolis building

Built in 1891, in what were the old gardens of the Marquis of Casa Riera, its privileged location, on the popular Calle de Alcalá, on the corner of Calle Sevilla, caused a stir, which was about to cancel the project.

Panoramic view of the enchanted Palacio de Linares, today Casa de América (America’s House)Panoramic view of the enchanted Palacio de Linares, today Casa de América (America's House)

Among other things, it exceeded the height allowed by the City Council, a detail that in the end, would serve to make it and its magnificent terrace, a genuine viewpoint, from which to contemplate, from an eminently privileged position, part of that mysterious Madrid, which could hardly be accessed, if it were not for the exploitation of some terraces, which in the end, also ensure that you live the city, savoring an essential part of its idiosyncrasy, such as restoration.

Enjoying a wine in a privileged positionEnjoying a wine in a privileged position

A restoration service, which installed on the seventh floor of this building, dedicated, in its entirety, to the cultural field - currently, one of its greatest attractions is the exhibition dedicated to the figure of Banksy - offers the opportunity to see the most central of the city, savoring any of the many gastronomic pleasures that the capital enjoys.

Overlapping eras and stylesOverlapping eras and styles

It also makes an impression to see the spectacular figure of the goddess Minerva, crowning a terrace, which always invites the viewer to fantasy, although currently, restoration works are being carried out on its facade, whose scaffolding prevents, for the moment , get better prospects.

Classic Madrid and futuristic MadridClassic Madrid and futuristic Madrid

But that does not prevent the interested viewer from being able to access a wide panoramic range during his exploration, which will make him see the most beautiful parts of Madrid, from a truly privileged position.

Another panoramic view of diverse MadridAnother panoramic view of diverse Madrid

In this way, you will be able to see, on the one hand, emblematic buildings, such as the old Palacio de Correos, converted into the current City Hall, the roofs of the mythical Bank of Spain, in whose underground, just below the phenomenal statue of the goddess Cibeles, Many legends survive, such as the famous haunted house of the Marquis de Linares - the current Casa de América - the back of the Cortes and the Thyssen Museum, or the immeasurable Gothic mass of the old Jerónimos Monastery, opposite the Prado Museum.

The clock of the Cervantes Building, Calle Alcalá with the corner of Calle BarquilloThe clock of the Cervantes Building, Calle Alcalá with the corner of Calle Barquillo

And on the other, some beautiful panoramic views of Alcalá and Gran Vía streets, with an incredible view of the old church of San José, the Metropolis building, with the figure of its black angel or the formidable charioteers of the old Banco de Bilbao building and today converted into dependencies of the Ministry of the Environment.

Classicism on the rooftops of Madrid: La Victoria or NikeClassicism on the rooftops of Madrid: La Victoria or Nike

In short, a fascinating adventure through the heights of a city, Madrid, which has many secrets to show, with which to perceive its media qualities, from another point of view very different from the traditional one.

Town Hall Tower and Pirulí from O’donnell StreetTown Hall Tower and Pirulí from O'donnell Street

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NOTICE: Both the text and the photographs that accompany it, as well as the video that illustrates it, are my exclusive intellectual property and therefore are subject to my Copyright.

Special for meetings where to share moments one step from heavenSpecial for meetings where to share moments one step from heaven The way is made by walkingThe way is made by walking
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Ohhh .. I have to check it out when I'm back in Madrid, really unique views!


When you come to Madrid, I promise to invite you to a wine or a beer, in another place much higher and better, whose views, impressive, I will soon also show here.

Hola mano debes estar en un sitio muy elevado para realizar las fotos ,se ve genial , no perdí detalle en el vídeo , escuché algunos sonidos , el viento , la ambulancia , un avión , en fin , no perdí detalle .
Feliz resto de día manito y DIOS te acompañe


Sí, es un séptimo piso y desde allí se recogen muy bien los ruidos tradicionales de una gran ciudad. Cuídate, mano

Hola Juancar, casualmente ese es uno de los edificios de Madrid que siempre me han gustado, en una época fui mucho a su sala de cine, los ciclos son realmente buenos, pero no conocía la terraza, está genial y las vistas son impresionantes, abrazos.


Hola, mi estimado amigo. He estado muchas veces en el Círculo de Bellas, sobre todo, porque tengo amigas artistas que han expuesto allí sus obras y siempre me ha parecido un edificio singular y un emblema de Arte y Cultura. Pero no había tenido ocasión de visitar su terraza, hasta ahora. La lástima es que se está procediendo a una remodelación de la fachada y los andamios restan bastante la belleza de las panorámicas, pero aun así, siempre merece la pena subir. No es de los más altos de Madrid, como verás en un futuro, con otra terraza que mostraré también, pero ciertamente, sus vistas son espectaculares y más teniendo en cuenta el sitio en el que está. Un fuerte abrazo

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Thank-you very much