Madrid makes the way by walking: the Plaza Mayor

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Equestrian statue of Felipe III, popularly known as ’the cemetery of sparrows’Equestrian statue of Felipe III, popularly known as 'the cemetery of sparrows'

Madrid, far from being a gray city, consumed by the smoke from the factories, the intense traffic or the permanent invasion of the sidewalks by the hurried passage of some citizens who move daily towards all and nowhere, is a dynamic city, of Doors always open and worthy of discovering yourself with the spirit ready for adventure.

Wide range of restorationWide range of restoration

Walking through its streets, entering the inestimable antiquity and diversity of its priceless cultural treasure, is always an experience that will never leave the visitor indifferent.

Arches and arcades with a lot of historyArches and arcades with a lot of history

Well, while you wander through its oldest and most emblematic places, you will discover that in reality your guides or guides are History, Legend and of course, that priceless heritage that Tradition is always.

Renaissance architectureRenaissance architecture

From that point of view, it is not surprising that his slogans 'from Madrid to heaven' or 'Madrid, destination Seven Stars', in addition to being very successful, generally constitute a novel possibility of living a thousand and one experiences, which no one will ever leave indifferent.

Panoramic of Toledo street from Plaza MayorPanoramic of Toledo street from Plaza Mayor

It is not surprising, therefore, that there are writers, such as Juan Eslava Galán - already referred to in a previous post - who include Madrid and certain essential places in Madrid, among those thousand recommended places to see in Spain, at least once in life.

Calle de Toledo: the impressive towers of the church of Saint Isidore, the FarmerCalle de Toledo: the impressive towers of the church of Saint Isidore, the Farmer

And how could it be otherwise, within those highly recommended places is that inescapable invitation to visit one of the nerve centers of that all-time Madrid, which is its Plaza Mayor.

Solid framework of columnsSolid framework of columns

The Plaza Mayor, in a metaphorical way, is like the enchanted maiden in the story, who awaits the liberating kiss of the tourist who comes to Madrid with the intention of awakening that restless goblin, which are always sensations.

Modern and traditional restorationModern and traditional restoration

Located just two hundred meters from the well-known Puerta del Sol, the Plaza Mayor constitutes the heart of that Madrid, called 'de los Austrias', which not only surprises by the beauty of a classic architecture begun by the charismatic King Phillip II - the one who He also ordered the construction of the monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, following the patterns of the legendary Temple of Solomon- and completed by his successor, King Phillip III, but has also become the undisputed meeting center, from which to distribute , through those four monumental gates, through the four cardinal points of a city that could well be said to have grown around it.

Meeting place in the heart of MadridMeeting place in the heart of Madrid

For centuries, the Plaza Mayor was the center of all the activity of that Madrid called 'La Villa y Corte', which hosted the greatest episodes in the history of Spain, but also the most unfortunate and painful, because in its immense courtyard , in whose center there is a monumental equestrian statue of King Phillip III - which is popularly called 'the sparrow cemetery', since it was discovered, when it was restored, that many of them lay inside, since having penetrated by the narrow opening of the mouth, then they could not get out again- those unworthy spectacles perpetrated by the Holy Office or the Inquisition were also held, where the accused were subjected to very severe trials, in front of a mob always eager for the spectacle of the blood and where there were also numerous executions.

Mysterious games of light and shadow for photography loversMysterious games of light and shadow for photography lovers

Perhaps for this reason, it is not surprising that in that underground and mysterious Madrid of traditions, the legend of the ghosts of the Plaza Mayor always circulates, who wander at night through its chiaroscuro corridors, crying out for revenge for injustice and the shame of his death.

Beauty and mysteryBeauty and mystery

These corridors, which are the ones that offer tourists and visitors, nowadays, a wide range of possibilities, ranging from traditional shops –especially those dedicated to Numismatics and Philately- to the widest range of catering establishments, where you can savor the most rich and delicious of typical Madrid cuisine, including, in addition, brand-new hotels, with facilities that have the most modern attractions and that also have the possibility of enjoying some splendid panoramic views, from some historic rooftops, that induce, metaphorically and comparatively speaking, to feel like a true king.

Traditional Numismatic and Philately shopsTraditional Numismatic and Philately shops

The Plaza Mayor in Madrid: without a doubt, one of those thousand places to see in Spain, at least once in your life.

The shadow of the old lanterns reflected in the awningsThe shadow of the old lanterns reflected in the awnings

NOTICE: Both the text and the photographs that accompany it, as well as the video that illustrates it, are my exclusive intellectual property and therefore, are subject to my Copyright.

Terraces where you can enjoy the pleasures of traditional Madrid cuisineTerraces where you can enjoy the pleasures of traditional Madrid cuisine Exit to the popular Calle Mayor (Main Street)Exit to the popular Calle Mayor (Main Street)

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Te repito , la arquitectura de tu país es admirable , sé que hay otros lugares pero no es posible descartar algo así .
Feliz resto de día manito y cuídate


Yo, particularmente, no me quejo. Tengo la suerte de vivir en un país multicultural, con un grandísimo patrimonio histórico-artístico que no sólo me conmueve, sino que también me empuja a mostrarlo a los demás, en la medida de mis posibilidades, claro está. Pero siempre he sentido un gran respeto por el patrimonio histórico, artístico y cultural del mundo y todos me parecen sencillamente fascinantes. Feliz día para ti también.


Adoro Madrid, me embelesa toda España, pero lo que siento por Toledo es indescriptible.


Creo que Toledo nos seduce a todos los que tenemos la fortuna de conocerlo. He ido muchas veces y cada vez, me fascina más. Saludos

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Buen post @juancar347. Tengo ganas de volver a Madrid y conocerlo mas en profundidad.


Muchas gracias. Te animo a hacerlo y dejarte llevar por su encanto. Un afectuoso saludo

Hola compatriota, interesante tu perfil y la visita que nos haces de cuidades españolas.
Un saludo


Muchas gracias, amiga @rofeliz, encantado de conocerte y de compartir experiencias en la plataforma. Un afectuoso saludo