A very nice morning on the ferry and at the Baltic Sea beach

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Hey guys,

I've been looking forward to this Post for quite a while now, because I enjoyed this day in Rostock or better Warnemünde the most - even so much that I took so many pictures that it was so hard for me to choose the right one for this mail that I split our day in Warnemünde for you - so tomorrow or the days will come another mail, telling you about our experiences in Warnemünde. But don't worry: It will not be repeated ;) I am already very curious.

But now for this first part here. I was especially looking forward to the day when we would go to the sea. The sea is not far away from Rostock (the Warnow flows into the sea, which is right next to Rostock). But to be able to lie down on a beach, you have to leave Rostock and drive to Warnemünde. Warnemünde is a very popular holiday resort, because there is a nice beach promenade with great cafes and restaurants and also a big sandy beach with beach chairs and the sea. But it is also a place for family holidays, not a party place (only who is interested ;).

To get from Rostock to Warnemünde there are two possibilities apart from the car: You can go there by train (it takes about 25-30 minutes) or you can take the ferry. Since this was a small holiday trip for us, we decided to take the ferry.

My sister and I (lower photo) on the way to the ferry.

We walked there relatively spontaneously in the morning (about 11 am to the ferry. The ferry departs from the Warnow shore, directly at the harbour where my sister lives (on foot it was about ten minutes, very convenient!). Unfortunately the ferry just left when we arrived, but that was no problem, we were in no hurry (holiday mood ;)) and then we sat down in a cafe directly at the harbour and sat there for half an hour and drank something.

The ferry leaves every half hour from the Rostock city harbour, but the last ferry leaves at about 3 pm - you can only return by train. That takes only about half an hour.

During the trip we sat outside and listened to the captain who told us something about the history of Rostock and the direct connection to Denmark. One can actually make a day trip with the ferry from Rostock to Denmark! Definitely something I will do as soon as I visit my sister in Rostock again! The trip with the ferry took about one hour. Especially if you are here for vacation and no time pressure I can only recommend it to everybody, you learn something about the history of Rostock and the harbour while you have a super nice view on the Warnow and the skyline of Rostock - and it is also much more comfortable than by train!

The harbour in Rostock, from where we left with the ferry - you surely imagined it bigger or ?

View of the skyline of Rostock from the ferry

After some time we arrived in Warnemünde. Here we noticed immediately that Warnemünde is even more touristy than Rostock. The rules of distance could hardly be kept here, but I have to say that I realized that very late ;) Anyway, we walked a little way into Warnemünde with people who arrived by train. A short time later we were already on the big "tourist mile" of Warnemünde, respectively a harbour where smaller and bigger boats moored and where they offered fries and chips on the boats. So we first had a little refreshment and then we walked further alongside the harbour.

A little tip: Keep your fish sandwiches or something to eat and close to you my sister a pretty clever seagull grabbed the sandwich from her hand and flew away :)

I’m happy with my fish sandwich in my hand

By walking alongside the boardwalk of the harbour, by turning to the left, one gets relatively fast to a light house (it is really hard to miss it). Unfortunately we couldn't climb up to the lighthouse because of Corona (the view would have been great), but instead it looked nice from below. If one continues to walk alongside the beach promenade, after approximately 50 metres to the right there is the possibility to get straight to the beach over a small wooden footbridge. The sandy beach here is already very long and wide. So we walked down the beach up to the sea. I have to say that it was really nice to be at the sea again, I cannot remember the last time I was at a sea, I think it was really in Australia.

The waves were pretty big that day, which is why a lot of people were flying their kites and doing kitesurfing. Kitesurfing - I actually always wanted to do that. My sister and I have made up our minds that the next time I am back in Rostock after her physical exams, i.e. in the middle of August, we will do a kitesurfing course together. I am really looking forward to it and I will tell you how it was!

The lighthouse of Warnemünde directly at the beach promenade. At the foot of the lighthouse stands Warnemünde's famous "Teepott", a round building with a unique roof as well as cafés and restaurants.

Me on the way to the sea - can’t wait to feel sand under my feet again !

Many kitesurfers - and hopefully we will be some of them soon

At the end there had to be a nice typical tourist photo in front of the sea - we actually managed not to have people else on the photo. And this although there was a lot going on in Warnemünde and there was an exuberant holiday mood. But it was also very good to forget Corona for a few hours. I hope you are looking forward to my next Post as much as me!

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