Our Trip to Lake Garda and the idyllic harbour town of Peschierea del Garda

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A beautiful view from the harbour in Peschiera del Garda over a part of Lake Garda!

Hey guys, today I'll tell you about our last day in Italy - when we went to Lake Garda for the second time. But this time not to see a beautiful old castle. Instead we wanted to spend the last day relaxing on the beach. Because in the late evening we went directly back to Germany by Flixbus. So we had some nice hours at the beach ahead of us.

We had chosen the nice oldtown Peschiera del Garda at Lake Garda - a nice old harbour town at the Lake Garda. Compared to other places on Lake Garda (like the Scaligero Castle) there are relatively less tourists here, it is rather a place for family excursions. The idyllic harbour with its many colourful fishing boats is dominated by the mighty Scaligero Castle, the town's landmark.

We drove there from Verona with a normal public bus.

We were not inside the town, but only walked to the beach on the shore of Lake Garda. Here there is a great view over Lake Garda. But if you have more time, have a look into the side streets - there are not many tourists and they are supposed to be very idyllic!

Peschiera del Garda and the Ponte dei Voltoni

Along the shore there are very nice bathing possibilities in Peschiera. Besides the picturesque, historical old town, Peschiera del Garda also has beautiful beaches to offer. Peschiera del Garda is one of the three larger towns and is located on the flat southern shore of Lake Garda. It is surrounded by meadows and woods which I found very pleasant. Compared to the neighbouring tourist stronghold Sirmione, Peschiera does not live exclusively from tourism.

On the second picture below you can see the famous Ponte dei Voltoni. The bridge Ponte dei Voltoni leads over the canal in the north of the old town. The bridge has five arches and is made of bricks - to me it looked very massive. By walking over the bridge and climbing up a few steps, one stands on the eastern wall where one has a good view to the Mincio and the bastione San Marco.

We walked a long way past the bridge and along the promenade of Peschiere del Garda. After about half an hour we finally reached a sandy beach, the "Lido Cappuccini". This is a managed beach with a bar, deck chairs and sunshades. There we went from the centre of the village towards Sirmione.

What we noticed afterwards: Peschiera has a train station from which you can go to Verona in about 15 minutes. But ok, I'll know it next time ;)

The bridges here were all very nicely decorated with flowers

Die uferpromenade von peschiera del garda

some nice stones i found while relaxing

Oh yeah, what you should definitely take with you: Sunscreen. You won't believe how I burned up the last day in Italy, the sunburn didn't go away until a few months later. But now enough complaining, the last day was really nice, especially very relaxed. We must have spent four or five hours on the beach and did nothing. Which was really good after the beautiful but also exhausting last days.

What I wanted to recommend to you in any case, you should be there one day: Even though we haven't been to the old town ourselves, it's supposed to be very beautiful. Peschiera's old town that is completely surrounded by canals is located inside a mighty fortress with beautiful vegetation. In the centre of the old town there are many narrow alleyways with nice shops, small bars and restaurants.

I hope you liked the post about Lake Garda, please leave me your feedback!

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