The sleepy and quiet but picturesque Castello in Venice

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Very nice decorated windows in an alley of Venice - almost a small tourist attraction ;)

Hey guys,

yesterday I told you about the district of Cannaregio in Venice, which I am still very fascinated by. One place I forgot to mention yesterday is Campo Santa Margherita. There are a lot of bars and the place alone is very lively. Here, you also get a picture offered that you normally does not see so much in Venice: here, one sees some local people coming and going and children play in the alleyways and on the places with balls. In this place, one really sees the "normal" life of the Vencians apart from the mass tourism.

Almost as much as the district Cannaregio I liked the district Castello. In Cannargeio and Castello we spent by far the most of our day trip to Venice.

In Castello everything seems very sleepy but also picturesque with many canals whose water has already turned green. Here, one really cannot look at the bottom of the ground! What I liked very much like in Cannaregio: Here you can see the Venetians really "live", above the waterways are hanging clotheslines with clothes to dry. Even if it should actually be a very common picture, in Venice it is rather unusual. It is also very quiet here, the atmosphere is very relaxed. And this although the crowds of people in the Piazza San Marco are only a few hundred metres away. The houses here are also less pompous, instead, there are many boat ramps and small bookshops or jewelry shops. Souvenir shops with typical tourist stuff are rather rare here.

One of many cafes with in the beautiful old town and lined by red house facades

Castello, the largest of the six Venetian districts (sestiere), forms the northeastern part of the lagoon city and was once its religious centre. This is also clearly visible by the fact that there are a lot of churches to visit. After we visited Cannaregio and Castello, we made a side trip to San Marco.

Here we could see the difference between the quiet Cannaregio and Castello and the very touristy San Marco. San Marco can really be described as the toristic heart of Venice. Here you can find famous sights such as St. Mark's Cathedral (I like to drop by in one of my last posts :)), the Doge's Palace and the Bridge of Sighs. Here the people have crowded close together.

Hotel Bel Sito on the right - opposite a baroque church Santa Maria del Giglio in very central position in San Marco

A typical small canal in Venice, which leads into the Canal Grande - do you see how the houses are reflected in the water?

I hope you enjoyed the Post and maybe I was able to inspire you a little bit for the more quiet and "real" Venetian districts of Cannaregio and Castello. The post office was very similar to yesterday's one, but I wanted to split my reports about both districts, because both have small differences and I have too many nice photos ;)

Even though I would definitely take San Marco with me on a visit to Venice, I thought it was very nice to see a part of the life of the Venetians here and the places where the locals like to be. We also rather "rattled" the touristical places as for example the Piazza San Marco and did not stay there for a long time, as there were simply extremely many people on the way. But in Cannaregio and Castello we already took more time and here there are also some nice little cafes where one can sit down comfortably. Both city districts are in any case worth a visit!

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