We made a bicycle tour along the Warnow river - and had a beautiful view

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The fountain of joie de vivre when you look at the big market street

Hey guys,

today I'll tell you about our second day in Rostock. For this we rented bikes at the hotel where my mother stayed (my sister's apartment was too small for three people) (unfortunately they didn't have electric bikes, but here at the sea it is flat and not hilly ;))

Admittedly we didn't have a real route, so we just drove towards Warnow. As I soon noticed, that's no problem in Rostock, this city is really small and you can't get lost here, even as a stranger! We came from the city centre. We drove along a short distance from the banks of the Warnow, then over the Warnow bridge and we were on the other side. From here we had a great view over the Warnow to the skyline of Rostock!

We continued on a narrow hiking or cycling path, on which there was quite a lot going on for Corona times, but we did not push at all. At the Warno shore there is a meadow of at least twenty meters width, where one can relax under trees and have a super nice view to the Warnow and Rostock, highly recommended! We passed the Rostock Rowing Club and Rostock Yacht Club and after about twenty minutes we were in Gehlsdorf. Unfortunately, the cycle path ended here and we went into the city centre to Gehlsdorf and continued a little further.

Because we missed the bus back (yes, we wanted to take the bus back because we got lost in Gehlsdorf ;), we sat down at the bus stop, had a picnic and drove back the distance. The route along the Warnow river is highly recommended, the locals also like to go jogging or cycling here. The path is lined with trees, so that there is always a lot of shade and up to the shore there is enough space to lie down or have a picnic at each place except for a few landing stages for boats.

Small tip: If you don't want to walk the whole way back over the Warnow Bridge, I recommend you take the ferry in Gehlsdorf. It usually runs regularly and does not cost much. You are on the other side in about five minutes, very practical!

I spotted an old sailing boat!

After our little bike tour (which took about three hours) we went back to the city centre of Rostock on the way to the hotel. There we sat down at the fountain of vitality, which you can see on the first picture. It is located directly in front of the University of Rostock at a big shopping street. Maybe you have already seen it on my post yesterday. Unfortunately it was also out that day because we were a little late again. Around the fountain there are round benches. Directly at the fountain on the opposite side there is an ice-cream cafe where we had an ice-cream with a view to the fountain. The end of the day could not have been better!

I hope you liked my post and maybe you are a bit curious about my next posts about Rostock and surroundings, there are really nice corners here! Until then all the best and hopefully until the next time ;)

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