Tagbak Island | Two Islands Connected

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Just hearing the word island seems interesting for sure. Perhaps it's not just because of the small land area surrounded by the sea. It's just that, when it's an island it's already exciting to explore. I heard about this tiny island located on an island too. Long ago it was just a swimming area in this municipality but maybe they noticed people were visiting this small island a lot. That's why they decided to make it a tourist spot in Liloan Southern Leyte.

People can still swim here but that small island where the cottage was made is perfect for it. It's deeper compared to the part where you'll first step on that bridge connecting to that island. However, the other smaller island is not passable by walking because the bridge was destroyed by that typhoon. For now, you can only visit the bigger island in the middle of the land and that smaller island. Still, don't be disappointed because the view is good for walking and killing time. 

It was good weather when I visited this place a while ago. The surrounding was so clear and bright as the sun assisted. Every step I made was very enjoyable upon seeing the wide sea and together with some mountains. The sea was nice to see because it was so clean that I couldn't see a single piece of garbage. Also, since it was not that deep, what lies under the sea was very visible. I could even see the white sand under, small fish, seaweeds, and many more.

cottage for rent
cottage for rent

To be honest, if you will hoping to see something interesting. Sorry, but for now it will be hard that the other bridge connected to the bigger island was destroyed. What I just loved when I was there was the great ambiance together with the beautiful feeling of being surrounded by the sea. Especially when you're feeling down or just to feel wonderful. The place will help you to relieve all of it since it offers decent views and feelings. 

The images help you to see more how wonderful this place is to visit even though it was simple. The bridge was nicely done so that you would not be afraid to fall since no one would catch you, just kidding. 

I learned that they'd assist guests if they wanted to see whale sharks. All the guests do will cooperate with the municipality and the management there will let them ride on boats to go to the part of the sea where there are sharks. Although for now, it's not possible since there are many things that changed after the typhoon. Well, as I said it's fine because the place helps someone to love the place.

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