Hello i greet you who is reading this, today i have decided to bring for you banana plant from Uganda-Africa.
Banana plant in our local language is called (Amatooke), so banana plant is planted in the following steps.
First overall, first dug a hole of 2-3 meters down in your garden, then after you can add some manures if your land is infertile land.
After that you go and remove the small or young banana plant from the mother plantation, you cut off all the banana leaves on it.
b2 - Copy.jpg

You now bring to plant in the hole you have dug already, insert the young plant, put on the soil on it, pour some water on it. At around evening if you have planted that banana plant, you will start seeing leaving starting coming out which means the young banana plant is now start geminating.
At around 4-5 months the young banana plantation is now growing and starting producing young ones as your seeing this photo below.

Now you can also remove those young ones and you plant again in another place for more banana plants in your garden.
At around 9 month the banana plantation you planted first is now start flowering the banana flower comes out.
After flowering the next step you're going to see the real banana started coming out from the banana flower.
At around 3 months now your banana is ready to eat or sell
I think you gained something.

Thank you for reading

God bless you abundantly
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