56 days of voluntary quarantine at St. Martin

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A few of us came to visit Saint Martin's Island(Bangladesh). Other tourists have left the island as the closure of public and private institutions due to the coronavirus. The three of us stayed on the island on purpose. Fifty-six days were spent here. In about two months, I got to St. Martin differently.

We got up at Sayari Eco Resort. My room was right on the beach. Measured with ribbon, it will not be more than three feet. I fall asleep listening to the sound of the waves, I wake up again with the sound of the waves. The three of us - me, my friends Saleh Reza Arif, and Arshad Hossain Tutu Bhai.

There are five of us, including two staff of the resort. I decided to cook myself. It became a beautiful routine in less than two days. We were waking up at noon, finishing cooking and drowning on Facebook. Afternoon walk on the beach. I watch the sunset and eat at the end of the night's cooking. I fell asleep around 2 or 3 a.m.

I gathered new experiences every day. Such as tidal schedule, different sunsets every day, white clouds in the blue sky - everything is changing at the moment. I liked the culture of the islanders the best. During the tourist season, they naturally have a little commercial attitude. But now it is entirely different.

We can't cut that much fish. Occasionally, Ishak brother's daughter cut fishes in the house next to the resort. Kashem Bhai's house next door brings us good and bad cooking. Watermelons from another local Mofiz Bhai's land and vegetables brought from Jabed Bhai's area are on his forehead. I can always use Aziz Bhai's fridge. In a word, extraordinary hospitality. Honestly, I didn't know any of them before.

The distance from the east coast of St. Martin to Myanmar is about 14 kilometers. For the first 10-12 days, the mountains on the other side could not be seen. Gradually the sky became more transparent, and now they are visible. And the color of the water is full blue. Although it rains on the plains, it was rained here much later. The first rains this year were in late April. After the rain, the leaves of the coconut tree and the tree itself have regained their youth. It is a privilege to see such a change in nature before our eyes.

The sky on the island varies from day to day. Every day the sunset spreads a strange magic. St. Martin is closed to tourists about 15-20 days earlier this year than ever before. It was time for turtles to lay green and olive eggs. This time six turtles laid more eggs than last year. The eggs of six turtles mean more than 1200. Imagine that!

Before we arrived, an olive tortoise landed in front of our resort with 218 eggs. The baby hatched on April 30 from that egg. The moment the kids were picked up from the hatching and released into the sea was thrilling. In March-April, fish lay eggs in the sea. Eighty percent of the sea fish come to the coastal areas to lay their eggs because the sun's heat helps the baby to hatch from the egg. Due to the lockdown this year, the fishing boat did not go to sea. As a result, it is expected that many fish will be available next season.

I'm still in St. Martin. I will return home when the lockdown is over. I don't know when I will come back to the island again. But from here, it seems that I am passing the golden time of my life.

This travel story is not mine; it is the story of a friend (Enzam Ul Haque) of mine. I collected all photos from him with permission of course. I have already shared the story of my friend's island trip on my Bangla blog in Bengali. I thought about sharing this enjoyable experience with the Travelfeed family also. I'm not a good writer. I know there are a lot of grammatical (mainly tense) problems here. I hope you'll forgive me for that.

Genuinely speaking, I am not a writer. But I tried my best to express what I think. Never give up. And I'm not giving up! Hit the upvote button, and reblog if possible. It will inspire me to write more blogs.

Who am I?

I am Marwan Aka @Pitboy from Bangladesh, the land of beauty. I am a Social media advertiser, a traveler, a Youtuber and, trying to be the right person.

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