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The mountain looked so unordinary and stunning that we made some hard memories tolerating that it really existed.

Since this novel characteristic show-stopper was moderately near Cusco, a town where we remained at, we chose to visit it and check on the off chance that it existed similarly it was being introduced on the web or in the nearby visitor offices.

It's sheltered to state this is one of the most mind blowing recognizes that we've at any point had a chance to visit up until this point !The Andes !

The street from Cusco to The Rainbow Mountain had gone on for about 3h.

We were at that point tired from numerous past treks and have had enough of Peruvian transport rides for a whole year...so resembled "This would be advised to be worth it..."

It was. A 100 times more than we expected !

The level from which we were to watch the Rainbow Mountain remained at a challenging 5200m above ocean level.

This implied generally unpracticed or ill-equipped climbers confronted the danger of encountering the scandalous height sickness.We saw numerous nearby individuals with ponies that were holding up before the he primary passage of the Vinicunca normal retreat. We additionally discovered that these individuals were offering horseback rides as far as possible up to the highest point of the Rainbow Mountain.




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