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Previously, I have written about the indigenous people of Bandarban and one of the nicest waterfalls of Bandarban called Rijuk waterfall. I can't remember how many pictures I have captured on my Bandarban trip but I can tell you one thing, the more I go to my memory diary, the more I become nostalgic.

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I am a little bit confused about where should I start, should I talk about a little bit of Bandarban or should I write about my trip directly.

Anyway, Bandarban is famous for its scenic natural beauty and for large mountains. And you know waterfalls are there where mountains are...


Soilo Propat Waterfall , Bandarban


So today I am going to introduce one of the famous, beautiful well-maintained waterfalls of Bandarban called Soilo Propat Waterfall. This excellent waterfall located 8 km away from Bandarban city and a very popular tourist spot. Basically the national tourism promotion corporation ( Bangladesh Projoton ) maintains and takes all the responsibility of this site. This waterfall is free for everyone to visit.

After exploring Rijuk Waterfall, our next destination was Nilgiri Bandarban, another high peak mountain location where anyone can touch the clouds and feel the vastness of the sky. Not only you will be able to explore the beauty of Bandarban, but also you will be able to see how high mountains touch the sky and create a spectacular horizontal scenario.



This waterfall is situated on Ruma Road, the same road which goes to Nilgiri too. The name of this location is called Milonchori. So, our plan was first we will explore Soilo Propat Waterfall and later we will explore other destinations.

As I have mentioned, Soilo Propat Waterfall is a very attractive waterfall and in winter many tourists visit here just to explore this waterfall. Winter is the perfect time to explore this waterfall because the flow of the water remains low in winter. The rainy season is very dangerous but I always recommend everyone to explore Bandarban during the rainy season. Because only in the rainy season, you will be able to see the true beauty of Bandarban.




It took 30 minutes to reach this location through jeep. After reaching the location, we saw this astounding waterfall. It was gloomy, rainy weather moreover it was rainy season so the rain was expected.

We heard that the flow of this fall becomes vigorous during the rainy season but we saw it in person when we reach there. The flow of the water was too fast and the water current was too powerful.


Rocks around the waterfall were too slippery so I would highly recommend not to go near those rocks and do not try to touch the water. Any accident can happen, if you accidentally slip or by mistake fall, you will be taken straight to the bottom of the fall through the water.

From these pictures, you will be able to see not only the beauty of this waterfall but also you will see the dangerous side of this fall.




After reaching the location, you will see the birds-eye view of this waterfall. If you want to explore it more closely, you have to take the stairs and go down. Stairs are safe and you can take a lot of pictures from there.

People say that during winter, the water of this fall is crystal clear and drinkable though I saw muddy water as it was rainy season. Many accidents happened here because of those slippery rocks. So, it's a very risky spot during the rainy season.



Around this waterfall, there is a small village. Many people drink the water of this fall and use it for household work as well. I saw a small local market there where indigenous people were selling some local fruits and some handicrafts. Actually, it was not a market, they were like small stores or kiosk type of shops. We bought some local guava for taste and they were delicious.





Our plan was to explore some spots which were located near this waterfall. But due to rain, it was impossible to explore. However, we spent one hour there and captured some good pictures.


DSC01949.JPGDSC01954 1.jpgDSC01973.JPG


If you ask me for feedback, I would say I was not surprised at all seeing that heavy water current because I saw it before when I went to explore Rijuk Waterfall. It was more dangerous than this.

This is not the biggest waterfall of Bandarban but I would say this is one of the well-maintained tourist spots of Bandarban after Nilgiri.

It won't take you too much time to reach there. So you can go there at any time, but I would recommend you to visit there in the morning. Rapid waterfall, beautiful nature, the sound of the flowing water will refresh your mind.


So what is next!!!


Maybe I will take you to the highest peak of the mountains... So be ready to feel high...

This is it for today, see you on my next post...

Stay Home, Stay Safe...


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