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These are difficult times and we know that the coronavirus is forever marking the history of humanity, and even though science is so advanced and technology is revolutionizing the world, it has not been possible to stop this deadly virus.

If we see what fear does, we would say that fear paralyzes you, makes you doubt and makes you vulnerable. The corona virus is the same fear because it has paralyzed the entire world, finding that the only safe way to combat this disease so far is not to leave home.

In my country Venezuela, we have already been facing economic and political problems, but with the arrival of the coronavirus, the situation becomes more acute, since the little that has been done here has been more affected by the coronavirus.

Venezuela has reported up to the moment of this publication 175 cases and with 9 dead and 89 recovered. Every day Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and Jorge Rodriguez



venezuela reports 4 new cases of contagion by coronavirus

They are in charge of spreading the news daily throughout the country through the government's official television station. The President has rarely appeared to give reports.


As a preventive and responsible measure, we will suspend classes from this moment

The measures began to be taken after the news of the first infected, mainly in the Federal District, in the Capital Caracas, what was first decided was to suspend classes and quarantine a group of travelers who had arrived in Venezuela from Spain.

Immediately the Government made the decision to suspend flights from Europe and Colombia, in addition to closing the borders with Brazil and Colombia.


Maduro suspends flights from Europe and Colombia

In the country these implemented measures are being half-fulfilled and many overlook it by going out on the streets and meeting in squares, or simply sitting with the neighbors outside their homes. Due to this, in some places suspension of guarantees has been decreed and in others the army has taken to the streets taking people they find on the street after 4:00 pm when everyone should be home. including those who work at food sites.





In my State Lara, unfortunately, the first death due to Covid-19 has already been reported


While in the area where I live, people only go out to buy food, however, many people go out every day after noon, and they are all in their homes, except for some who apparently do not mind becoming infected or they simply have not seen the seriousness of this matter.

For now, traveling to Venezuela is not a good option because not only is the corona virus a threat to the country, but also rumors of foreign intervention.


The US increased military presence in the Caribbean. Is an intervention in Venezuela more likely?

Venezuela has many beautiful places to visit and some very beautiful beaches, however it is not possible to travel right now or visit a tourist place while the quarantine measures continue.

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Great post @sampraise. Many people around the world are unaware and can´t even imagine what we Venezuelans went through at this time of great psychosocial tension

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