Miami at Night: Exploring the Limits of Night Mobile Phone Photography

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Hello Hiveians and welcome back!

After my last post exploring more about gear/technique and geeking out a bit about technical stuff, I thought I'd share some images from my recent trip to Miami and talk about my surprise of how far night photography for mobile has come.

So it was my last night in Miami and I decided to go for a walk around the strip and down to the beach. I didn't take my camera with me, but then I decided this would be a fun time to see what my phone, the Samsung S21, could do. So I launched the camera and first tried in Pro mode, which allows me to shoot RAW.

The results weren't terrible, but they also weren't amazing either. So I changed it over to Night Mode and I must say, I was quite surprised at the results.

This was the first shot I took in the park next to the beach. I couldn't believe the level of detail and the lack of noise in this image. The only downside of this mode, which because of how it's done is understandable, is that you can't shoot RAW, only JPEG. But with this type of quality, it really isn't that big of a deal.

Next I wanted to really push it as far as I realistically could, so I went down to the beach and took a shot on the much darker beach and ocean to see how well it could do, and again, was quite impressed with the quality.

After that, I tried a few more shots of the buildings from the beach, as I was so impressed with the quality.

And I must again say, wow. For a handheld, MOBILE PHONE photo, the quality of these images is incredible! After that, I decided to walk the strip a little bit and take a few more shots of some of the buildings.

After that it was getting late, so I decided to head back and call it a night.

So what did you think of these photos? Did the quality of the images surprise you? Do you use your phone for many "serious" or important photos? And have you played with or tested the Night mode on your phone?

My last thoughts on this is just how amazing phone cameras have become, and that in more and more situations, phone cameras can provide at least sufficient, and often times surprisingly good results, and it's always ready to go in your pocket!

And again, let me know how you're liking this type of gear/technique/process content compared to my usual strictly travel/photography content.

Until next time,


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