Touring Corsica in 7 days (#1): Calvi.

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Continuing with our journey from south to north we reach Calvi.

We already told you our impressions of Ajaccio and all the towns that we found on the coast from Ajaccio precisely to the vicinity of Calvi in ​​these articles:

Touring Corsica in 7 days (#1): from Ajaccio to Calvi along the west coast.

Travel Memories # 5: Corsica (Ajaccio) The Imperial City.

Today we will exclusively dedicate ourselves to Calvi, the Corsican city closest to the continent (to the French blue coast) from which it is separated by just over 150 kms.

It has the highest mountains on the island and a spectacular setting with dreamy

However, it does not stop having a historical past worth remembering.

Especially reflected in the Citadel, the old part of the city fortified to prevent invasions by pirates and conquerors, built, for this reason, in a rocky development that offers a spectacular view from the sea.

The bay begins from the Revellata -to the south- the last point of reference in our previous post, the beautiful bay with the lighthouse and the tower on top, and ends -to the north- in Capo Cavallo, where there is a wild but beautiful coastline.

How to get.

Calvi is very busy during the

In our case we have been touring the island from south to north and therefore we follow the path started.

On the other hand, for those who want to visit Calvi directly without going through other cities, they can reach the Calvi-Santa Catalina airport, which is the destination for many planes, especially during the holiday season.

The port, currently an emblem of tourism, is surrounded by a natural

There are regular flights every day between Calvi and the French mainland: beautiful Nice, the capital of culture 2013, Marseille and the city of light, Paris.

There is also a regular traffic of Ferries leaving the French Riviera with destination Calvi but especially l’Ile Rousse.

The Citadel.

The walled belt of the Citadel is made up of three bastions and a tower, all declared Historical

The Citadel was built by the Genoese in the 13th century and successively in the following centuries fortifications were built that made it almost inaccessible to external attacks. Especially the Turkish attacks.

The seat of the walled city was the Vecchio Castello (Old

The entrance to the Citadel is unique and was defended, in the Middle Ages, by a drawbridge and a moat.

Panorama from the top of The

What to see in Calvi.

Among the buildings stands out the Baroque style Santa María Mayor Church built at the end of the 17th century.

Inside, the main altar in polychrome marble and the Black Christ of miracles stand out.

The church of Santa Maria Mayor is the emblem of the historical monuments of the

Calvi port is another place to visit and admire with the spectacular natural environment that surrounds it. Tourists walk along the docks decorated with palm trees, yachts, cafes and restaurants with their terraces, and it contrasts with the quieter streets of the Citadel.

The Torre de la Sal is another place to see. In other times it was the watchtower and salt deposit. It is one of the newest constructions since it was built in the late eighteenth century and declared a Historical Monument in 1992.

Calvi night

If they arrive in Calvi in ​​the autumn, they can enjoy the Festival of the Wind, an annual demonstration with wind works of art, concerts, conferences, colloquiums, presentations of unusual objects, creation workshops, street animations, meetings, theater, etc.

If, on the other hand, they arrive at the beginning of the summer, the Calvi Jazz Festival is held in June.

In the middle of summer, meanwhile, Calvi on the Rocks is celebrated, an annual international festival that takes place over three nights on the beach, with big names in electronic music and DJs.

One of the many alleys of the Citadel with its characteristic stone-built

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