Travel Memories # 4: Corsica (Saint Florent) and the discreet charm of the French island.

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Corsica is a tiny spot in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

To such an extent that, as soon as one arrives by boat, he has a splendid view of the entire island in the foreground.

In reality, seen from afar, it looks like a marine promontory. It gives the impression of a mountain emerging from the sea.

It is less than 200 km from north to south and less than 100 km from west to east.

Fully surrounded by the sea.

Towards the end of 2015, when I was living in Italy, I traveled from Genova by ship to discover the rugged nature of the Corsican island.

Its location exactly in the center of the Mediterranean Sea makes it easily accessible by ship from any French, Spanish or Italian port.

It is a practically depopulated island (the total number of inhabitants is just over 300,000 inhabitants) and about 30% of its territory is a national park.

For this reason it can be covered without problems in a couple of days.

There are numerous archaeological excavations on the island that come from the Neolithic era, as we have been informed by the Tourist Office.

The ancient beauty of Saint Florent.

I stayed a few days in Saint Florent, a small, heavenly place. Old and classic fishing village transformed into a tourist destination not too popular.

I started in this small town because it was one of the direct connections via sea that I had from Genova, Italy.

Just arrived and the first welcome message is from a marine crane.

We feed him and he continues his tour strolling leisurely along the rest of the pier.

They don't go hungry. Next to modern boats and yachts dedicated to VIP fun are the humble fishing boats that, even today, go out every day to pick up sea fishing.

And they sell it fresh on the dock as soon as they dock mid-morning.

With extensive beaches and crystal clear water. You can walk out to sea many meters before the water covers us and forces us to swim.

In Saint-Florent, which was actually formerly a Genoese city, begins the Agriates coastal path (coastal path), a beautiful pedestrian route located between the sea and the Agriates desert.

Today Saint-Florent is known for its tourism and architectural heritage reflecting different cultural influences experienced over the centuries.

Aragonese, French, Anglo-Corsican, Italian, have succeeded each other in the domain of the island through the centuries.

The Citadel of Saint-Florent

One of the true historical monuments of Saint-Florent that catches our attention is the fortress called the Citadel.

Built when the island was under Genoese rule it was a bastion designed to protect the coast and the interior of the town from possible enemy attacks.

From the Citadel it is possible to observe the gulf and the coast in all their charm in a panoramic and spectacular view.

The Citadel, with its imposing structure and historical baggage, represents one of the most important monuments in Saint Florent.

Beaches and routes are also seen in the famous town of Cap Corse, the old capital of the island.

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