What makes Boccadasse unique: is the neighborhood of lovers and pastel colored houses.

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Boccadasse in the neighborhood of lovers in Genoa. That's what they say.

It is the neighborhood of multi-colored houses. This is how the world sees it.

It is the neighborhood where, among other things, you eat excellent ice cream. So I remember it. Sitting by the sea.

I remember the beautiful days of full sun walking through its narrow streets until you reach the sea.

Boccadasse and Genova, a love story.

It is one of the neighborhoods most loved by the Genoese.

It is the neighborhood sung in the popular songbook of Fabrizio De André the "cantautore genovese" as the Italians say.

Who lives in his unforgettable songs.

It is a neighborhood that invites you to take a leap into the past. With its characteristic alleys (vicoli) always painted in a thousand colors especially in shades ranging from brown to yellow. The color of the earth.

Where the old fishing boats (some of which continue today with their activity) are piled up on the makeshift dock. moving slowly to the beat of the waves.

Quaint and lively.

Quaint and vivacious Boccadasse is inspired by poetry.
It makes you think and reflect. In Boccadas his poetic inspiration has been found Fabrizio De André, Gino Paoli, Umberto Bindi and others.

The fascination of pastel colored houses.

The fascination of the pastel-colored houses overlooks the bay from which you can see, in the distance, the Portofino development in the Gulf of Tigullio.

It is truly wonderful to eat while observing the immaculate blue of the Ligure Sea.

Boccadasse is a place of peace, tranquility and beauty.

Despite the summer being a place untouched by tourists, Boccadasse will always be a neighborhood of fishermen who still earn their daily livelihood from fishing today.

They go out with their old boats, always painted and perfectly preserved, when it is still dark. When dawn is not yet rising.

They throw their nets and come back before noon.

Before disembarking they already have the line of people waiting to buy the fresh fish.

Memories of my childhood, between beaches and castles.

Despite having distanced myself from Genoa as a small memory, I still have the happy moments lived in my childhood.

I remember the Iglesia San Antonio de Padova, a building erected by fishermen in the 18th century with a very beautiful marble floor, various works of art hanging on the walls and a large number of models of miniature boats.

The Neptune square where in spring and summer the tables were taken to dine outdoors.

I also remember the spectacular facade of the Türcke Castle, a medieval-style building from the early 1900s.
And the Santa Clara reef area where he watched the waves break against the reefs of the coast.

Then the globetrotting phase began. Back and forth without ever stopping in one place for good.

Europe, America, South America, Asia, again Europe.

A neighborhood that, more than seeing and visiting it, must be felt.

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